The nicest brief I own

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The nicest brief I own

Important job interview coming up and it was on sale.
Off the shelf retail, $700, Sites says $579 but i got it for $447 on a flash sale, no taxes, free shipping and free engraving. Got it in one day (I live in Georgia 2 hours from one of their locations).

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It easily held the largest packing cube I own (peak design medium) with 3 shirts, 3 socks, 3 underwear and a Columbia down coat...not bad for a small bag. That's in addition to a 13 inch HP spectre laptop, charger, spare cell phone battery the usual cables and toiletries (my toiletries are VERY small).

If i didn't need to bring suits with me when i travel, i could potentially travel for about a week with just this one bag......think about that for a second.

As it is i can travel for about a week with this and a very small very cheap hanging suit cover (depending on how many pressed and folded button down shirts i need with me)....

It is too short to hold my 15 inch leather legal portfolio however (holds it but i cant zip the bag completely shut). If you are packing this light forget about over the ear active cancelling headphones as that case wont fit. Grab a pair of Shure 535 or 846s instead and you're good.

Just to have a few extra things with me on such a trip, i would probably opt for the Monyker weekender with suiter and detachable backpack/satchel and convert it to back pack mode rather than hand carrying a simple suit bag though. Bonus, the weekend pretty much INCLUDES your every day carry type bags in the design so you aren't stuck with choosing between what you have in yoru wallet or carrying your ridiculously oversized travel back pack as a daily carry around!..... Also, i wouldn't want to use the Tumi as a "tourists" walking around bag either..that thing is for board rooms only (in my opinion). The weekender would give all the space you needed to add a good camera (if you want something even better than cell images obviously), those ANC headphones, Electofan white noise machine (a MUST have for hotels), dopp kit, a couple more batteries and cables, and even yet a couple more shirts (or something besides t shirts) for going out on the town or even a few more dress button down shirts for week long buisness trips. If you need EVEN MORE gear than that you can get a Peak design travel bag and compress it to 35L mode (it WILL HOLD A SUITER) and try to sneak it past those gate agents but prepared to fail to get past them 30% of the time on commuter flights....(and then there goes your suit if they were to lose your bags ((which has never happened to me on valet luggage but you never know)). A couple "more likely to get past commuter gate agent bags' include the nomatic travel pack compressed to 20L or a simple standard back pack (not travel pack) such as those made to Travelpro (super light weight) or even Tumi yet again (or almost anyone else that makes standard looking back packs). The BIG problem with standard backpacks is they are NOT good at carrying suits and yet manage to be no smaller than that Monyker weekender I mentioned....

Also FORGET wheeled luggage, they don't allow it on commuter flights. NEVER pack anything that you really cant afford to just lose and do without in wheeled luggage if you have to fly commuter flights like i do....and honestly if i can live without it...why bring it at all? When i do bring wheeled luggage, i pack it completely like it is just "bonus" stuff. Extra shoes, extra jacket, a couple extra "dinner out"shirts, maybe a back up suit (pack your brown or lighter colored grey suit in the checked back..always carry your main navy, charcoal or black with you....and some times that dark suit is your suit for the whole week i said, what goes in roller is a "bonus"), extra "toy items' gaming items, tourist items, maybe extra Pajamas etc..

And honestly as hard on the commuter luggage as they are...if some of you decide those "back up things" are really nice to have, i'd recomend just buying a Luggage works Steath or Pelican Luggage case and checking it right at check in to avoid having to wait around for valet luggage to be brought to you on short connections which is frankly...a night mare in and of itself... (just my 0.2 cents)..

Now back to this Tumi Slim Albany, ill post some more images and give some more detail..when ever the flyertalk website decides to stop locking me out of the ability to post images (which it is terrible at doing in my opinion)...

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I've been admiring these when I've seen other travelers with them. I also will need a new overnight bag soon. Can you get a change of clothes (dress pants, shirt, underwear, undershirt, socks, tie), shaving kit, laptop, cables, book and headphones into it?
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I have the (cheaper) nylon and leather version of this bag. It is a nice bag, but I don't think I would One Bag with it to be honest. You can probably fit a change of clothes into it, but I worry that the strap might rip out if there is too much weight in the bag. It doesn't seem to be reinforced like one a Tom Bihn/RedOxx type of bag. The bag is high quality, but doesn't seem bulletproof.

It looks nice for carrying a laptop/papers/etc. as a briefcase. I don't think they had people loading up the bag in mind. I could be wrong.
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