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OneBagManiac Jun 7, 19 9:27 am

Sonicare travel substitute?
I'm looking for a smaller travel option than my Sonicare toothbrush for brushing my teeth. Can't forgo the electric (I really like how the Sonicare cleans), but really hoping to find something smaller . I'm not using the hard plastic case - I'm using their cloth pouch (with Velcro closure). But compared to my standard minimalist travel kit, the Sonicare is gigantic.

Any suggestions? Anyone out there using the Quip toothbrush (thoughts)? Any other options? Please share!!

ryandelmundo Jun 7, 19 12:06 pm

Yeah would love to find a smaller Sonicare for travel, preferably with a USB charger. OTOH, the Sonicare is so big that the battery can my entire 2-3 trip without charging.

vletnguyen Jun 7, 19 1:23 pm

I tried quip (still have it) but switched back to sonicare for daily. Quip isnt as strong or give you that "clean" feeling as sonicare would but it's a lot more compact and no recharging needed.

OskiBear Jun 7, 19 3:23 pm

I've contemplated quip solely for the purpose of travel because of the size of the Sonicare. Plus, I once lost/left a Sonicare while traveling and that was an expensive mistake. However, reviews of the quip seem less than favorable. I was contemplating since you can now get them at Target.

freecia Jun 7, 19 6:57 pm

I've tried smaller models from Omrom and Panasonic but they aren't as good at giving that "clean" feeling. I went back to traveling with a Sonicare 4100 which has a lighter Lithium Ion battery and slightly slimmer handle. It only needs to be charged every few weeks when used and I also swapped a dying DiamondClean at home for another 4100. I periodically check 3D printing sites to see if I can find a cover for the button similar this one for an older model I also DIY'd a cap for the stem out of a straw and some sugru but a pen cap would probably also work - just something to prevent it from stabbing through my toiletry bag or getting bent.

There's a USB-C chargeable toothbrush by Aiwejay which isn't much smaller but comes with a small cap

PackingIt Jun 9, 19 4:23 pm

Probably not what you want, but for traveling I bring an Oral B Pulsar.

GetawaysRus Jun 9, 19 5:37 pm

I always bring my Sonicare (without a case - I just use the plastic bristle cover). Yes, it's big, but the larger thing is Listerine! For a long (3-4 week) trip, I need the 500 ml bottle of Listerine, and it has to go into checked luggage. I know no good alternatives.

I suppose that I have too much dental fear. But a couple of crowns and one root canal are enough for a lifetime. I'm very rigorous with dental care.

Fortunately dental floss is a small item.

N1120A Jun 15, 19 2:16 pm

Oral-Bs come with travel cases and they work quite well. How small is your toiletry kit?

envgeo Jun 16, 19 12:53 pm

i travel with the sonicare - it has lasted me up to 12-14 days without a recharge.

my doop kit is a ziplock bag, so that reduce weight in other areas.

jobosapien Jun 19, 19 10:15 pm

I use an Oral B Pro 1500 because it uses Lithium Ion for its battery so it holds a charge much longer than most brushes (about 2 weeks). While not the smallest, it's still smaller than the Sonicare and since the battery lasts so long I never bring the charger unless I'm going on the occasional 2+ week trip. I remove the brush tip and then it fits right into my Sea to Summit toiletry bag (which is on the smaller side).

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