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Eagle Creek experience??

Eagle Creek experience??

Old May 5, 19, 11:32 am
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Eagle Creek??

I have been agonizing over which brand 25-26" checked luggage to buy, for a 6 city international trip. I thought I had it down to the TravelPro Platinum elite and the Werks 6.0. But I recently came across the Eagle Creek Tarmac. Does anyone have experience with Eagle Creek, and if so care to share please? Thank you!

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Old May 6, 19, 9:37 pm
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Not sure what the specific question is, but we use the Eagle Creek zipper compression packing cubes and find they save us a few inches on our carryon bags...
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Old May 7, 19, 9:28 am
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Yes, what exactly is your question?

I have a computer backpack, the EC Adventure Weekender convertible travel bag, some packing cubes, and a packing folder. I have had no issues with anything and minimal wear. Everything I have is lightweight but good quality. I would recommend the brand without reservation.
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Old May 7, 19, 9:55 am
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I swear by the Load Warrior 20 as my international carry on. The large rubberized wheels roll over everything from cobblestones to dirt paths with ease. Carry handles and integrated tie downs are very well designed.
I use packing cubes to maximize the 16L capacity and can travel for extended periods of time with this bag.
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Old May 11, 19, 1:52 pm
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I've used 3 Eagle Creek bags since 2008 and I have nothing but good things to say about them. I mainly use a wheeled tarmac 20" carry on with a matching multi-pocketed duffel that also serves as a computer bag. For longer trips where I check a bag, I use a larger tarmac series bag (I think it's a 24", I can't remember exactly). They are extremely rugged and lightweight, and have worn very well. I still get comments on them from strangers who like the looks of them. And I use the packing cubes and envelopes to maximize utility, but probably not as well as I could if I took more effort.

I've had two major warranty claims and they certainly live up to their "lifetime, everything's covered" word. Both times the damage was due to airport/airline mishandling, but Eagle Creek repaired/replaced with no questions asked. In one case a bag handler missed the conveyor belt and dropped the 24" tarmac bag from the plane onto the tarmac (ironic, I know). It landed on one corner and twisted the frame, but held together for another 22 days of travel. When I got back I took it in to the store where I had purchased it, they sent it in for assessment and 7 days later I had a new replacement bag.

My second claim was just last year, when I found my handle wouldn't extend after checking the same 24" bag. It looked as if the bag had been dropped on it's "head" from some height as the handle was really jammed into the bag. I took it back to the store and told them my purchase receipt was long gone as the bag was at least 9-10 years old. They just smiled and said "It's Eagle Creek - you don't need your receipt, they have a lifetime warranty". And sure enough, back it came in 10 days with a new handle.

I often recommend Eagle Creek to friends and family, but they balk at the price tag and complain that they don't make a 4-wheel spinner. But based on my 11-year experience with it, I would purchase Eagle Creek again in a second.
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Old May 13, 19, 11:00 pm
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I have been using the 25" Eagle Creek Tarmac for a few years and love it. Its reasonably light weight, you can compress things in it, and I do also use the Eagle Creek compression bags for longer trips. \When I was in Ireland, and told the b and b owner I'd be walking to the train station over the cobblestones with my luggage, he looked at it and said: oh, you have all terrain wheels on that thing. being fairly short, I find it easier to manipulate the 2 when vs spinner type of luggage. They have discontinued the 25" and gone to 26" during the last year or so.
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Old May 14, 19, 1:19 am
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I own several Eagle Creek organizers and one carry-on bag. I find them well-designed, durable, and lightweight, although I thought the bag could offer a few more external pockets/features especially at the price point. Still wouldn't hesitate to buy more products from them.
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Old May 30, 19, 5:17 am
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I looked at the Eagle Creek and TravelPro Platinum 25 inch spinner. Both are well designed and robust. In the end I chose the TravelPro - or rather my wife did for aesthetic reasons. It is superbly designed, and better than the 25 inch Tumi that it replaced. I haven't tried the Eagle Creek myself, but have multiple smaller Eagle Creek bags which are robust and great value, although probably less well designed than the Travel pro's in my humble opinion
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Old Jun 2, 19, 8:16 am
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I own lots of Eagle Creek products: wallets, purses, briefcase, lots of cubes, tubes, and packing folders. I've never had a single problem with any EC item. I also own several pieces of the original TravelPro Platinum line, all of those are great, too. Either brand/line would be a good choice. One factor might be empty weight of the bags you're considering, I would give extra points to the lighter (and smaller) item. And I would never purchase one of those single-pole spinners or rollers, where do you attach your personal item or briefcase?

Food for thought: I've given up traveling with anything other than carryon, I'm too petite to handle any of my 24-inch and up luggage getting on and off trains in Europe. I just got back from 39 days in Europe and was really happy traveling with my TravelPro Maxlite 4 21-inch roller (for all those cobbled streets and sidewalks) and Pacsafe Vibe 28L backpack as personal item. I did check the Maxlite on the return to LAX, it was too heavy at 12kg for strict carryon regulations at the Vienna airport. I saw too many people all over Europe struggling with large spinners and rollers, blocking train platforms and sidewalks, agonizing to get their bags on and off trains. Keep that in mind.

Edited to add: After posting I took a look at the Eagle Creek website, specifically the user reviews on the Tarmac. There are too many negative comments IMO, caveat emptor.

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Old Jun 9, 19, 7:14 am
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We invested in a pair of Eagle Creek 30-inch wheeled duffles maybe 10 years ago. They have been great. The case itself is remarkably lightweight - it really bugs me when the suitcase weighs almost as much as its contents. We’ve definitely benefited from Eagle Creek’s lifetime guarantee. They have repaired any damage, and replaced one unrepairable bag. We travel quite a lot, using these big bags on at least 2-3 long-haul trips per year. Owing to the lifetime guarantee, I don’t expect to be shopping for a bag like this any time soon. But if I were, I’d most definitely favor Eagle Creek again.
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Old Jun 9, 19, 11:40 am
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You are trying to find the one perfect bag and that is your perfect trip. NO way i would do 6 countries with a rolling bag. You need at least one good back pack and only use the roller board getting through airports or consider ditching it completely. Nothing wrong with the bags you are looking at any any will serve about the same as the other unless you tell us some specific features you are looking for.

IE..i have a Tumi rolling duffel that is close to 100 liters that is good for multi week trips but only used getting from airport to hotel and it would be less than useless in situations where i need to hop a bunch of cabs or lots of foot travel time. I have my eye on the tumi international office as it has a cool place to put the laptop which could in theory eliminate a shoulder bag. The G ro is better for curbs, side walks and stone pavement. If you try to pick one bag that is a do it all you might as well set about your time putting a square peg in a round hole as it will be more useful.

If you really want to be mobile on those trips though...look at things like the Tortuga setout, Peak travel bag, Nomatic travel bag, AER travel bag, bags from Tom Bihn etc. For both capacity and mobility i use about 3 things.....a large checked rolling duffel. a 30 to 40l do it all travel bag and a packable day pack to carry with me on shorter outings so i don't look like a tourist (or at least, look less like a tourist).

You also have to consider what weather you are traveling in as some of these bags are specifically designed to be rain proof (such as the nomatic and Tortuga outbreaker) and others have packable rain covers such as the Tortuga setout. You wont get either with typical bags from tumi, Eagle, Brigs and Riley etc...they are usually made from stuff like leather, wax canvass or ballistic nylon with a coating and none of that is as water resistance as something like treated sail cloth etc.

You'll also need to consider your leg room and or the potential to have ANY ROLLER BOARD force valet checked. You said you are looking for a 25 to 26 inch bag which is no doubt a checked sized. Any particular reason or are you just going with the biggest you think you can get away with while avoiding oversized luggage charges? Honestly if it is just a single trip roller bag to be checked i doubt it matters much what you pick and i would go with an economy option as that is about the least imaginative choice i can think of (but utilitarian i guess). That choice will leave you baby sitting the luggage or dragging it all over town if you arrive some where and it is too early to check into a hotel room (where as a solid back pack would not limit you and it would be easier to go directly into sight seeing, eating out or shopping). That choice will also leave you pissed off if it is your only bag and you break a wheel and or are faced with lots of stairs and no elevators. If you need this for many trips throughout the year the travel pro line has a solid warranty as does Tumi (for the first 5 years) and both look more professional if that is your Jam (especially the Tumi Alpha 3 series).
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Old Jun 9, 19, 2:42 pm
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So I am finally shaving to replace my EC Hovercraft. Any recommendations on a replacement carry on. I hate 4 wheel spinners so only lookin at two wheels
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Old Feb 27, 20, 7:48 pm
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I hate my Eagle Creeks

This my be late but we have had large Eagle Creek suitcases for about 7 years now and I have nothing good to say about them. We have shipped one of them back FOUR times for wheel replacements and handles ripping off!! Shipping back is at your own expense, so it is $50 a shot. The wheels snap off constantly. The binding over the seams is coming off and fraying. At this point I have argued they should just give us a new bag, but nope. I would never buy another Eagle Creek bag. I researched and thought they would be great. I especially liked their warranty, but when you have to pay to send the bag back continually you could just buy a new suitcase.
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I've had the Eagle Creek 22" Tarmac for about three years and like it a lot. It seems to have been replaced by the 22" Expanse, which gets great reviews on Amazon.
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