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Zero Hallburton (vs Rimowa)

Zero Hallburton (vs Rimowa)

Old Apr 29, 19, 11:59 pm
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Zero Hallburton (vs Rimowa)

Any feedback in general about Zero Halliburton as a brand of luggage? Are they really that good? I see that they have aluminum luggages, check-in and carry-on. How are those compared to Rimowa?

I know Rimowa has traditionally been a good brand, but I have been hearing that since LV has bought it, the quality has gone down slightly. I am still gravitating towards a Rimowa for a check-in but the Zero Halliburtons seem like a good alternative.

Any feedback?
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Old May 10, 19, 5:23 pm
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I own a Zero Air 26" (polycarbonate), although I think this line has been discontinued by Halliburton. As far as lightweight goes, it cannot be beat, but part of the lightness comes from lack of built-in compartmentalization options. The wheels were good but not as good as my old Rimowa Salsa. I did not like the handle at all, but I noticed they have completely revised the handle on the new models so they probably got complaints. Still, I do not think this can be beat as far as a large ultralight hardside, and I still use it when I need those specific features.

I have no experience with service or warranty.

If you find yourself in NYC, their flagship store a little east of Times Square has basically their whole lineup and the salespeople were super firiendly.

Make sure to buy on sale. They seem to be on sale all the time.
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Old May 12, 19, 3:46 am
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Which products are you trying to compare between the two brands?

If you are referencing the alumnium hard-side luggage of each brand, it comes down to your personal preference.

Zero Halliburton is a former American company, now owned by ACE Co Ltd, a Japanese luggage manufacturer. The company made the move, in 2017, to shift assembly and corporate headquarters back to the United States. The aluminum luggage is manufactured in the US from imported components.

Zero Halliburton aluminum luggage is significantly heavier than RIMOWA's Classic and Original aluminum products. Remember, Halliburton's original focus was industrial use; think Texas oil fields and their publicity in having gone to the moon in support of the Apollo missions.

RIMOWA is a German company, owned by LVMH, since 2017. The company has always made its aluminum luggage at their Cologne manufacturing facility.

In visiting the RIMOWA Cologne manufacturing facility, the quality has not changed since LVMH's acquisition of the company. The same assembly lines are used, with only the loss of a station to install the former add-a-bag feature being absent, replaced by an employee who affixes the metal placard and additional personnel to package the interior accessories.

The main change for LVMH has primarily been the price, mark-ups ranging anywhere from 20-40% on some models. In addition to the more limited distribution channels, this was expected from LVMH, as the company has the same practice for its other "Maison's".

RIMOWA's after sales service has remained the same (from my experience) in the two years since being acquired by LVMH.

Both brands suffer the same downsides of owning any aluminum luggage, they will all dent at one point or another.

At the end of the day, still your personal preferences and tastes.
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Old May 12, 19, 12:46 pm
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Thank you strife and hornillas! Very helpful input!

Does anyone have any feedback regarding Rimowa's polycarbonate line?

I do not travel that often - only two round-trip long hauls per year and the occasional US domestic where I check-in a bag. I have been traveling with a Samsonite and a Tumi T-tech check in polycarbonate luggages for the past six or seven years. The black Samsonite has handles that are about to break off, and the carapace has those white streaks (just like when plastic is bent - probably from impact during handling). The Tumi T-tech, though a year older, is still unscathed. It is a pity that Tumi discontinued the T-tech brand. They were cheaper but I feel the products were not really any less in terms of quality. And so I figured that I would look into buying a Rimowa that may potentially last me a lifetime. I have never owned an aluminum luggage but would definitely buy one if it is worth it.
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Old Jul 21, 19, 9:18 pm
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Zero Halliburton (vs Rimowa)-Rimowa Wins the Day

Rimowa is way better than Zero Halliburton hands down.
I own one of each...one by choice...one not by choice.
Yes...the aluminum lines of luggage are much more susceptible to scratches and dents...but Rimowa embraces it...Zero Halliburton doesn't.
When I visited a Rimowa store there was an poster of a Rimowa suitcase with lots of dents and scratches on it right in the main dispay case window before I entered the store.
In the Rimowa store...they allowed me to inspect and test a sample on display to see if the sample met my expectations (like trying to test the sample as to how dent resistant it was).
Ultimately I was convinced that the Rimowa more than met my expectations and purchased one just like the sample on display.
When I visited the Zero Halliburton store the experience was much different. In the Zero Halliburton store I was not allowed to test the sample on display...and further to this the sample was presented to me on a velvet folding stand by the salesperson who would not even let me touch it in any way. The salesperson's pitch during the presentation was that Zero Halliburton's line of aluminum suitcases are "bulletproof because they are made of thinker aluminum than Rimowa and are much more durable". I then asked if I could set it on the floor and stand on it to test it...the salesman said "no!". I then asked the salesman "how then can I test the suitcase to see if it matches his pitch that it's more durable than a Rimowa suitcase?" He was silent. So...thinking that this was a display sample for testing...and noting that there were no signs outside or inside the store that said "you break it-you pay for it" I gently pressed my knee into the side of the case while sitting upright on the floor on it's wheels. This resulted in a shallow dent. I'm sure you can guess what happened next...? The salesman and sales staff called the police and forced me to purchase the display sample.
I'm sure that somewhere...there is somebody who really likes Zero Halliburton aluminum products...they are attractive in an ugly way and satisfy the needs of some customers who like the conspicuousness of aluminum luggage
In my opinion...Rimowa just for consumer respect alone has won the day for me...and that they don't dent as easly as Zero Halliburton does.
Hope this helps
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Old Jul 22, 19, 1:14 pm
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Which country was that? Calling the police, for fck's sake!
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Old Jul 22, 19, 4:45 pm
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It was in Malaysia..at the Ace Bags and Luggage Outlet store in Genting Highlands.
Be warned...they are the most disrespectful salespeople I have ever encountered.
All they seem to care about is fleecing you.
If Zero Halliburton really cared about who was representing and selling their product...these people would have been fired straight away.
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Old Jul 22, 19, 9:08 pm
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Originally Posted by edison_watt View Post
It was in Malaysia..at the Ace Bags and Luggage Outlet store in Genting Highlands.
Be warned...they are the most disrespectful salespeople I have ever encountered.
All they seem to care about is fleecing you.
If Zero Halliburton really cared about who was representing and selling their product...these people would have been fired straight away.
I like how the "Zero Halliburton store" suddenly turned into some outlet vendor.
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Old Jul 22, 19, 10:47 pm
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I understand.
My fault I wasn't a little clearer regarding my last post.
As mentioned in hornillas1 post previously, the luggage division of Zero Halliburton has been sold to Ace Co. Ltd (a Japanese company).
The retail outlet here in Malaysia that I visited to look at luggage was Ace Bags & Luggage Outlet...owned and operated by Ace Co. Ltd.
Perhaps there are other retail outlets operated by Ace Co. Ltd selling Zero Halliburton luggage that are more respectful of consumers.
My personal experience reflects only what happened to me.
With respect to the functionality of the piece I was forced to purchase...it doesn't meet a couple of my needs personally.
I drive motorcycles...and take my motor cycle helmet with me quite often.
The problem with the Zero Halliburton case I was looking at was that the interior convenience flaps do not disconnect like in the Rimowa luggage.
They are riveted in place and are designed not to be removed.
Therefore then, my helmet wouldn't fit in the suitcase because the flaps would not allow the case to be closed without denting the luggage from the inside.
The Rimowa luggage has removable convenience flaps and make very easy to put my helmet inside without denting from the inside.
I know a motorcycle helmet is designed to take significant impacts...but I'd prefer it protecting my head from things while I'm wearing it instead of luggage handlers while it's in my suitcase...so I wanted a suitcase that could take the abuse luggage has to endure without damaging my helmet. Which means the suitcase has to be strong enough to support 4 or 5-50lb (23g) suitcases piled on top of it in the bottom of a plane without crushing or collapsing. In that the Zero Halliburton case dented quite easily just by pressing my knee into it pretty much turned me away right away.
Hope this helps...and sorry if I seem a little weird and caustic towards Zero Halliburton (when actually it was the retail outlet that forced me to buy the suitcase)
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