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STVA Dec 26, 18 9:43 am

I am also a fan of eBags products (the stuff they make themselves, not the other brands they only sell.) Their wheeled bags can take a beating and are backed by a good warranty. The front of the bags are soft sided but that is not a bad thing in my opinion.

Moyerclan Dec 27, 18 6:01 am

Just an FYI-Consumer Reports recently reviewed luggage. Briggs and Reily top their list I recall. Worth checking out the reviews, IMO.

We love our B&R bags.

MaxBuck Dec 27, 18 4:44 pm

Originally Posted by cakegirl (Post 30573647)
I was actually just on E bags looking at some options. I am thinking of ordering the smaller size Delsey Helium Titanium bag. Does anyone have any experience with the brand or line? It is inexpensive but well reviewed and I though I might test it out before I buy a bigger bag.

I know everyone's first instinct here is to be anti checked bag, but I always check and will continue to due to an injury from a bad car accident-dragging luggage is the exact activity that seems to flare it up.

Wifey had to purchase a Delsey checked-size bag in France after airline "misplaced" our luggage (for 5 weeks). Performed quite well.

Kagehitokiri Dec 30, 18 11:00 am

agree re whether one lives near B&R repair partner, i had one free repair and never had to replace

my last samsonsite lost a wheel and a pocket on its first trip, frankly i dont care how cheap it is when that happens (if i had things in pocket)

what are new tumi products like now that samsonite owns tumi? (since 2016)

chipmaster Jan 1, 19 1:27 pm

My 2cents are value go with Kirkland and if you want topline get a BR or Tumi

Kagehitokiri Jan 2, 19 5:47 pm

except tumi now owned by samsonite

sometimes costco has upscale brands

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