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Is Rimowa as bad as people say?

Is Rimowa as bad as people say?

Old Jul 2, 19, 11:59 am
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Originally Posted by tokteacher View Post
I have been mightily disappointed with the two Rimowa's that we have purchased. Costing 1,000 USD a piece, we have yet to make a multi-stop trip without one or the other being severely damaged. On our trip from Kuala Lumpur to Bangkok, the clasp was snapped and a hole punched in the polycarbonate shell. Rimowa will not fix or replace, as they explained their warranty "only covered defects." Well, I am assuming something this expensive went through some sort of quality control so that there are no initial defects. However, the only way to keep your Rimowa bag intact seems to be to leave it in the closet. I have any number of inexpensive bags that have stood up far better than these two overpriced and overly delicate pieces. I will never buy RImowa again. This is for rich tourists who can afford the aluminum versions, which I imagine might stand up a bit better. We purchased the best polycarbonate model and have had nothing but trouble. I would advise--STAY AWAY, FAR AWAY!!!!
Rimowa is known for its aluminium cases. It does not make sense to pay the Rimowa brand premium for their polycarbonate cases.
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In 15 years of Topas use my carry on IATA has been adjusted once gratis in Honolulu and once I paid for out of warranty repairs in Portland on the check in 29Ē Topas.

The carry on looks pretty good considering itís been all over the world and the check in looks beat to .... but awesome IMO.

Just purchased a Topas Business Multiwheel as an upgrade from the Salsa Business Multiwheel.

Wifey loves her Salsa Air IATA. Carry on only and itís pristine for being a few years old and moderately used.

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Originally Posted by simby View Post
Rimowa is known for its aluminium cases. It does not make sense to pay the Rimowa brand premium for their polycarbonate cases.
Thanks for this, and all of the above comments.

Thus far, we've only got a ~22" Rimowa that was part of the swag DH got at a conference. It's the poly type, but we only carry it on. One important thing he noticed was that the wheels worked very well, and it's by far the easiest to wheel, and this matters, at least for us.
I've got a similar sized B&R that is also only carry on.

The poly has *always* felt very cheap and vulnerable to me. I'm not that strong, and if *I* can "bend it", and so easily, then...?
Clearly from the comments above, it doesn't bend indefinitely without breaking, no surprise.
If we want another, we'll look at the aluminum.

For checked luggage, we've got a few sizes of the Tumi fold-overs, and thus far, they've been terrific, as have some smaller pieces. We've had an occasional problem, and Tumi fixed it free. One time they had to send one out, they asked if we needed a loaner, and gave us one.
No charge for any of this.
These have held up much better than we would have expected.

We've also each got a smaller Tumi carry-on that slips over the handle of a larger piece, but it rolls "sideways", and that's too wide to get down narrow airplane aisles. (Hmmm... now that we are traveling on awards and flying in the pointy end, that shouldn't be a problem... except when we have a leg on a smaller plane. If ONLY we could switch the directions of those wheels; the size is perfect for that function, and we can't find anything similarly "medium large" that could be a carry on and slip over a handle. Suggestions welcome. I'll start another thread later.)


As far as the "someone else walking off with it" problem, we try to keep relatively obnoxious tape, and rather tattered on purpose, so we can spot it on the carousel... OR if it is walking away...!
And around the handle, we have day-glow velcro'd covers that not only are very noticeable visually, but one can *feel* it immediately.
So that should help, at least with the innocent "mistakes".
I wish they still checked baggage tags at the exit, but that's not going to happen. I remain surprised that more bags don't "walk", actually.

Sometimes I sort of miss the old hard-sided, sturdy, simple American Touristers, which took such beatings for many years.

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All my Rimowa cabin trolleys are two-wheel ones. I won't buy spinners for cabin baggage use; and so when these Rimowas go, I'm probably out.

For checked-in luggage, I don't use expensive brand luggage, and I probably do better with a cheap oversized duffel bag -- with or without wheels -- with boxed goods inside than I would do with any expensive brand luggage. In other words, I don't foresee myself buying any more Rimowa luggage anytime soon.

And when a company raises prices substantially but doesn't provide a way more generous customer service policy for old and new customers as part and parcel of the more expensive prices, that's a red flag to me that the company treats its customers more as marks to have their pockets picked than as individuals valued as customers by the company.
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Originally Posted by simby View Post
Rimowa is known for its aluminium cases. It does not make sense to pay the Rimowa brand premium for their polycarbonate cases.
This is wrong - there are many reasons to prefer the polycarbonate cases (lighter, don't dent as easily, less expensive while still extremely durable, etc).
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I know a friend who bought a Rimowa hard case and on his first flight the bag was badly damaged by the airline or the handling agency. They refused to replace his bag and gave him their normal compensation amount which was not even close to half the price he paid for his bag.
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