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cmatthews11 Aug 6, 17 10:12 am

Away brand Luggage
Away Luggage

Anyone have a set from them? Looking to hear any feedback from folks that may have them. The USB feature is neat, I'm sure other brands do the same thing so it's not the main reason I'd be looking for them, although I haven't purchased yet.

Any referral codes someone can share?

Bogwoppit Aug 7, 17 1:57 pm

I decided to avoid for two reasons/ The battery for the USB is super hard to remove, it involves screws. So if bag has to be checked for any reason things will get complicated. The carry on size is US carry on size, too big for European flights.

boltjames Aug 7, 17 8:31 pm

It's a marketing gimmick. Avoid.

cmatthews11 Aug 8, 17 11:39 am

Definitely get that the USB charger is a gimmick (dont see myself every needing it), but what about the bags themselves? Not worth the money compared to similar styles?

freecia Aug 8, 17 6:19 pm

Originally Posted by cmatthews11 (Post 28663277)
Definitely get that the USB charger is a gimmick (dont see myself every needing it), but what about the bags themselves? Not worth the money compared to similar styles?

For $200 based on build quality? Probably about the same but a lot of spinner hard sided bags are built very similarly for a good bit less. I think you do pay a bit based on the aesthetic if you disregard the charger.

Similar bags are < $150
eBags has a few with their own Limited Lifetime Warranty

I'd go with a longer established luggage manufacturer if the warranty is important to you. Lifetime warranty is only as good as the company's longevity and you definitely are paying for warranty, not just build quality, on the more expensive bags. At least brands like Eagle Creek & Rimowa have replacement parts so you don't need to send it in for certain things like wheel replacement and have regional repair centers, if you happen to be close to them. If not, the shipping is usually at your expense, repair only on them. Think about what price point does it make sense for you to ship & fix it (and not have the bag) vs replace it?

Dilettante Aug 24, 17 9:45 am

Sorry to take this in a slightly tangential direction but does anyone know if the battery pack needs to be removed when going through security in the UK or US?

I got my away carry-on at the start of the year - before the first electronics ban - and haven't taken it on a trip yet. From memory, the batter pack is bigger than current the 16x9.3x1.5cm size restriction for electronics going through UK airports.

As for the quality of the suitcase, I'm pretty pleased with it. There's maybe more give in the shells than I'd like for the price but I suppose that gives it some flexibility should it get bashed around.

Removing the battery at first is a pain. The included screwdriver is not much more than a keychain and pretty difficult to use. I took the screws out of mine and and put tape over the access door. I figured that if it was ever questioned I could remove it a bit more quickly that way. Even then, you need to empty out one half of the case, unzip the lining and then open up the bottom of the battery compartment.

I'm still happy with mine but bear in mine that battery weighs significantly more than an Anker 10,000mAh battery, albeit more convenient to use while travelling.

idiosyncrasy Aug 30, 17 5:59 pm

I just got my luggage yesterday. I was definitely surprised the battery can be removed simply with a push down and it pops right out. I thought I needed a screwdriver but nope. Click mechanism in place.

jiaogulan Sep 4, 17 3:10 am

My existing luggage just bit the dust and I am going to give the carry-on lifestyle a go.

I was considering the Away carry-on ($225) and the Muji carry-on ($160). Eventually decided on a Delsey carry-on because is offering 15 miles/dollar spent on the AA Shopping portal currently and it is $100. Plus I already have a small USB power bank that works just fine.

Gatorsf Oct 3, 17 12:41 pm

My friend just bought the Away Bigger Carry-On. She loves it. According to her it can pack a lot more in the bag than she can with others. The battery pack was upgraded, not it pops out with the push of a button. The frame is still there though.

bmoeller1 Oct 4, 17 8:37 pm

This space is going to get disrupted once again, soon.

drewguy Dec 28, 17 4:28 pm

My daughter selected the carry-on Away bag. She's now jealous of by B&R carryon and wants that.

Her's seems good - size virtually the same outside; haven't done an interior sizing test, but seems similar. Don't see the value in the battery, but she was using it on our trip (I prefer my Anker, which I can take wherever and doesn't need to be removed).

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