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Giving up on Travelpro???

Giving up on Travelpro???

Old Nov 21, 14, 5:25 pm
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Giving up on Travelpro???

We have just about had it with Travelpro.

Between my wife and I, we have about 10 pieces of their luggage.

It's becoming really irritating after just about every trip something breaks. If its not the zipper pulls, the zipper, the locking zipper its the handles.

Great design but really cheap parts. Anyone else getting frustrated with them?
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Old Nov 21, 14, 6:54 pm
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My first piece of TravelPro got a bent zipper pull on its very first trip. Since then I've found Briggs & Riley and never looked back.

I don't doubt TravelPro had its heyday at one point when they were truly designed for the high mileage traveler but nowadays they are no better than any other department store brand.
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Old Nov 21, 14, 9:23 pm
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I'm about to retire our Travelpros. Torn piping, missing zipper pulls, one quite bent frame...
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Old Nov 21, 14, 9:31 pm
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I bought a TravelPro bag in 1993. Within 3 months, the handle pulled out of the bag. I haven't bought one since. I went to Andiamo from then to about 2010 and since B&R.
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Old Nov 22, 14, 9:27 am
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I've only ever used one of their suitcases and after a year of infrequent use it already had multiple broken parts. Go with the better-built ones that have a lifetime guarantee, like B&R, Osprey, or Eagle Creek. None of those have let me down unless I abused them to death for a decade. Full reviews here.
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Old Nov 22, 14, 11:10 am
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I had a travel pro for about 5 years from 2000-2005. It didn't really hold up once I started doing frequent travel. Samsonite was better, now I'm on victorinox with an unlimited warranty, including common carrier damage.
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Old Nov 23, 14, 8:04 am
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Originally Posted by JDiver View Post
I'm about to retire our Travelpros. Torn piping, missing zipper pulls, one quite bent frame...
Exactly what we are thinking. When you can't trust your luggage it's time to change.
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Old Nov 23, 14, 3:12 pm
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My "surviving" 22" Travelpro is about 15 years old since it's not gate/checked often but it's also on a lot of road trips and heavy with normal wear & tear, picked up locally on sale at Macy's - one of the interior lining has been "freed" lengthwise. Just made another 5,000 miles round-trip checked thru Jetblue for a 11 days vacation, along with the eBag TLS MotherLode 22" convertible. Mrs. L has been using an eBag roller for 3 years and I will probably replace mine with a similar one ... watching for the upcoming cyber Monday sale for a better than 30% off deal.
Have a 25+ years old Andiamo garment bag gifted to me then while still living out of the suitcase days and looked 75% new today, but it's not subject to similiar abuses on the tarmac & conveyer belts, etc. The old saying is true about what you get is a function of how much you invested in one - the best warranty is worthless if the maker is out of business.
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Old Nov 25, 14, 11:47 am
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After having spend ~1 year now with a Crew 9 20", and relegating it to only being used on 3-4 night trips and/or times I need to carry lots of trade-show gear/samples (due mainly to tipping when loaded front-heave, making the laptop pocket nearly useless) I've pretty much grown indifferent to TravelPro as a whole. I won't completely disregard them if I'm looking for a particular type of bag, but they will need to be priced competitively with other brands whom I put no value in their warranty.
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Old Nov 25, 14, 2:32 pm
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I had a TravelPro that I stopped using years ago. Almost every trip, it came off the baggage carousel with something broken. I invested in a Rimowa that's holding up far better - the TravelPro now sits in my closet and is used for out of season clothing storage.
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Old Nov 25, 14, 5:42 pm
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I have an old Platinum II wheeled 30" duffel and roll-aboard. I think they are really well built, though to be honest neither gets a ton of use (duffel is huge; even roll-aboard is too large as it was designed under assumption airlines wouldn't count the wheels and handles in the measurements).

The only time I needed service was when my duffel was broken into on a trip through JoBerg (someone cut off the lock and in doing so also cut the slider. I got it fixed under warranty at a luggage repair shop in NYC quickly and efficiently. I've heard from many their quality has slid over the years, but their old Platnium line was top notch.
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Old Nov 26, 14, 1:01 pm
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IMO TravelPro is a mid-range brand at best. I own several pieces and am happy with their performance, especially my newest Maxlite 2 set (now replaced by Maxlite 3 which I haven't seen). But I'm not a frequent flier anymore and often don't check luggage when I do fly.

I'm also happy with the ebags-branded luggage, the TLS line is good quality and has many nice features. If you're truly a frequent traveler, other brands are more reliable: maybe Eagle Creek, definitely Briggs & Riley (for their great warranty). If you want non-wheeled bags, RedOxx and Tom Bihn are frequently mentioned on this forum.
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Old Dec 9, 14, 11:47 pm
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I had a TravelPro Crew5 for almost 10 years and 1700 flights. I replaced the wheels with roller-blade wheels and it was great. It just died and it doesn't appear any of the standard TravelPros are anywhere near the same quality.

Has anyone used the FlightCrew 4?

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