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Review: Ricardo Dash 20" Dual Wheel Spinner Carry-On- Costco

Review: Ricardo Dash 20" Dual Wheel Spinner Carry-On- Costco

Old Apr 10, 14, 4:33 pm
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I've got three trips on it so far, will update at 6 trips.

I did not mean to knock the Rimowa, by the way. I have Tumi and B&R gear, as well as an old Mulholland Brothers Latigo brief bag, all of which is expensive ... and high quality.

But these hard side deals are so, so, so similar the diminishing marginal returns sets in with a vengeance at a very low level. I hope I did not sound too cranky.

But a lot of people come here to find 'The Best' whatever that is, and a lot come to find good value. I am quite sure the Rimowa is a very nice piece of luggage ... but there is no doubt in my little military mind that the value proposition stinks.

I just hate the premium gear folks beating up on some of the good value gear. This thing rolls just fine, fits in the overheads just fine (domestically, anyway) and rolls down the aisle just fine, I can vouch for that.
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Old Apr 10, 14, 8:18 pm
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Hi JCinPA -

No need to apologize whatsoever.

You make good points, and a major one is that there is considerable difference in price.

You will also read here on FT that many are fine with an expensive piece of luggage until it is cracked, stolen, or it fails on them. That does occur, and when it does a new replacement luggage case for a better value is a valid consideration to make.

Most here on FT are more concerned about protecting packed items inside luggage, the ease of mobility through airports, and making connecting flights on time. Watching passengers arrive from flights is the real acid test on luggage: Some move effortlessly and quickly jet-lagged or not, while the majority it seems move slowly, struggling to pull tired, squeaky wheeled cases usually behind them.

Inheriting old luggage doesn't equal the item working any better either than it did when it was put, stored, or donated away. That makes a very good argument for your choice of luggage case and the excellent price you paid for it !

Again, Bonne chance !
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Old Apr 12, 14, 8:33 am
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Again, I am happy you are happy with your case. I also found your model ... and it's worse than I thought. It's $595 at Irv's! Yikes!


Your packing system does look very nice, indeed.

I have confirmed that Rimowa uses Hinomoto wheels, as does nearly everyone else who makes quality luggage. There may be cheaper wheel makers, but Tumi, Rimowa, and most of the higher end firms use Hinomoto for their spinners, at least, as does the Ricardo/Costco.

This is all about personal preference, I think, and I am glad you love your bag. But I believe (and research has proven, empirically- read up on some behavioral economics, Daniel Ariely's Predictably Irrational is a great read, and not limited to economics) that your views of these two bags is influenced by the price you paid for it. I work at a firm which employs behavioral finanace concepts in its investment process, so I am quite the student of this. This is not meant to be a criticism, just an observation.

At any rate, we've determined that the size of the bag is a personal preference for you, not a knock on the Ricardo, and not a big boost for the Rimowa brand, since you can find similar sized bags from other makers. Pure personal preference and as a 100% domestic flyer for business, I'd suggest that even if someone who also flies domestically chooses the Rimowa brand, they choose a larger case than you prefer. But that's just preference not really having anything to do with 'brand comparison'.

It still comes down to the value proposition here. If you think the difference in packing system and wheels are worth paying nearly $600 for that bag, nobody can argue with you because value, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder. It is what you think it is.

For those who think 100% polycarbonate makes a difference (I admit I don't know, I'm not a chemist), here is a 100% polycarbonate bag by Delsey for $125.


I am not just pushing the Ricardo available at Costco. I just wanted to point out the value with the lower price. My experience with the wheels is not like yours, and although they are different wheel models, they are, in fact, both Hinomoto wheel sets. I would like to try another of these in a different brand, mostly because I think the Ricardo could have a handle with less play in it.

My point in this post was trying to let people know that the differences in these bags, while they are real, simply won't add up to (now with the $595 Rimowa model) 5-10 X the price. It simply won't for most people.

Cheap leather is another thing altogether, if you are not willing to spend, don't get leather. Traditional construction bags there is often more value in getting higher end bags, to a point. I've become obsessed with these hardside spinners a little, though, and now I find myself stopping by the luggage sections to look at them. They really are more similar than different.

That Delsey has very high ratings at both Amazon and eBags, where 92% would buy it again and recommend it, by the way. I'd like to steer this away from defending my Costco purchase a bit, because I'm making a larger point now.

If I loved that packing system in the Rimowa enough, I might spend $200 on it and call it good. $595, or even $475, absolutely no way on God's green earth would I do that. But like I said, value, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder. I think I can stop now, it's getting repetitious.

I think the hardside spinner fits my business travel needs perfectly, and my preferences. I suggest you try one if you have not. And while I get the preference for B&R in traditional (I own one), and to some extent Tumi (especially if you can get last year's model on clearance!), I would urge you to look at cases like that Delsey, because 95% of you are just not going to find the differences that justify the prices Rimowa and Tumi are charging for this particular type of bag construction.
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Old Apr 14, 14, 8:49 am
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I looked at the case at Costco. It is sharp. So much nicer than my Heys. Also they have a special: until 5/14/14. The Ricardo Beverly Hills 2-Piece set, one 27" and one 20", $30.00 off. Blue or silver. I think the final price is $99...please correct if I am wrong.

Getting back to the 20" spinner...well the inside is very nice and seems to be lighter than my Heys.
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Old Apr 14, 14, 9:03 am
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Originally Posted by happymom2008 View Post
I looked at the case at Costco. It is sharp. So much nicer than my Heys. Also they have a special: until 5/14/14. The Ricardo Beverly Hills 2-Piece set, one 27" and one 20", $30.00 off. Blue or silver. I think the final price is $99...please correct if I am wrong.
I saw these on their site as well (haven't gone to the store yet) and was wondering if they are the same or similar enough to the one the OP purchased. They are not part of the same Dash collection, this set is part of the Newcastle collection.


JCinPA, can you tell if these are similar enough to the Dash collection piece you bought?

I really liked your review and have a very similar outlook (and I think a similar professional background!). I'm all about function, I own several B&R and other luggage pieces that cost several hundred each and I'm sick of most of them. They are just overkill now that I don't travel for business as much and are now collecting dust. I travel monthly for leisure and try to keep things as light and simple as possible, I couldn't give a crap about the brand or look. I don't own any hardside spinners and for that low price it might be worth just having some as backup for trips where I need more space.
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Old Apr 14, 14, 1:53 pm
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So in the short time since I wrote my previous post I've gone to Costco and checked out the bag JCinPA reviewed as well as the Ricardo set (carryon and checked) that happymom mentioned and I linked to in my last post.

These are technically speaking bags from different collections (Dash and Newcastle) but I could not find any difference between them. The ones in the set have corner guards which I imagine are helpful and the larger checked bag of course has some added interior compartments as well as a suiter that is removable.

It is on a special sale right now for $99. For that you get the spinner carry-on and a large spinner checked bag. The only thing I noticed that gave me pause was the telescoping handles seemed a little jiggly. I'm not sure if that will weaken over time. As much as I think my B&R bags are way overvalued, I do like how sturdy they feel including the telescoping handles.

Nonetheless this set looks like a great deal. Basically the bag the OP reviewed along with a large checked bag for an extra $50. I have tons of carry-on bags ranging in price from $150 to $500+ And I am tired of all of them. I never owned a hard sided bag so this would be a nice change. The large bag is a great to keep on hand, I hardly ever check a bag and the only large bag I have is a no-name piece of garbage I've had since college. So it'll be nice to have a new large bag to use for those occasional trips when I need one.
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Old Apr 14, 14, 4:44 pm
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Originally Posted by SpartanTraveler View Post
The only thing I noticed that gave me pause was the telescoping handles seemed a little jiggly. I'm not sure if that will weaken over time.
That's my only negative observation, as well. I'm curious to see if anyone has that Delsey, the handle looks good, but I have to find one to handle it.

Anyone have that?
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Old Apr 29, 14, 1:18 am
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I got the Ricardo sunset boulevard series hard case carryon and is very happy with it. It's light and the wheels work very well. The wheels seem to be larger than your dash series and work better than my samsonite suitcase when loaded.


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Old May 4, 14, 8:20 am
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OK, I hit my 6-trip mark and promised I would update.

I still love this thing!

6 trips
8 air legs
8 hotels

So 8 packing/unpacking (well 16 I guess, 8 packing cycles), running through the airport 8 times. Bag is terrific.

I also got a chance to see the Rimowa, and the wheels are practically identical. I think this bag is a great value, but if you want to try the Delsey 100% polycarbonate, that's not a bad idea. I think you're nuts if you get a hard sided Rimowa, B&R or Rimowa, though. Your choice.

Again, I own some Tumi and B&R gear. This is different, see my earlier posts.

I give this two thumbs up for the road warrior!

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Old May 4, 14, 6:30 pm
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Hi JCinPA-

Good report back.

Subconsciously, you mentioned Rimowa 3 times. That condition may or may not fade with time. We shall see. However:

You are a true flight-warrior ! Enjoy your new luggage, and long may it serve you.
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Old May 4, 14, 7:50 pm
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Thanks for the very thorough report on the Costco spinner and I'm glad you're loving it.

As you pointed out, people have different requirements.

The 20" Costco Ricardo weighs 7.7 lbs, the 21.9" Rimowa Salsa Ultralight weights 4.3 lbs.

I'm not about to spring for a Rimowa, but the key point for me is weight.

My older 20 and 22" bags all weigh 8.5 lbs empty, 23 lbs. fully packed so I'm carrying 13.5 lbs of clothes and electronics. That's the max I can lift into the overhead, onto the bus and metro, and up the steps in older stations.

With the Rimowa at 4.3 lbs I could pack another 4.2 lbs to keep under my 23 lb limit. That's a 30% increase in shoes, electronics, and chocolate!

The Rimowa are terribly expensive IMO, but doing the math just now the 4 lb difference makes it something to consider when I'm flying 150-200,000 miles a year. Either 4 lbs more stuff, or 4 lbs less weight to lift.

Weight is a important difference when you travel internationally and when you're a small-ish, old-ish woman.
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Old May 5, 14, 1:04 am
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Hi Lili -

If I might suggest, try hand-carrying the chocolate in your purse, attaché, or another such container. You are allowed one personal item after all.

When visiting North America I sometimes lug a container roll or 2 of Toblerone dark chocolate bars that way. It sits inside a Rimowa Notebook case, which rides on top of my Rimowa carry-on case. Never charge anything extra, and they don't " get up and walk away " with the baggage handlers if checked.
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Old May 5, 14, 8:46 am
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I forgot to mention, TIP ... the handle has three locked positions. When you have a briefcase or tote on top and are rolling it flat on all wheels, I suggest having the handle on the lowest lock setting. It puts right on the level with the briefcase or tote usually.

Yeah, I'm not anti-Rimowa, but you're right, I did jump on that a lot. And weight is important. And I don't mind paying up for really superior leather or quality nylon gear. But there is just a lot less differences between these hard sides, IMO (YMMV of course) and I can't see a 5X to 10X value difference in these types of cases, that's all. Hinimoto makes all of their wheels, apparently. I prefer the double wheels to the tiny single wheels, FWIW.
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Old May 5, 14, 11:49 pm
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I'm a bit anti-4 wheels remembering the days pre-rollerblade wheels when there were lots of limping 3-wheeled cases being dragged around airports. I was however gifted a Costco Samsonite Aspire 18"(?) 4-wheeled carry-on a few years back. I hate that thing.

I understand that that particular A-shaped bag has a laptop compartment that my laptop is supposed to go into. However I have my work tote that my laptop already fits into and it cannot be stuffed into the A-shape of the main compartment of the roller-bag. So it sits/leans on top...kind of...and the whole stupid thing tips over because it has 4 very good wheels that are very agreeable to this whole rolling thing.

However, the Ricardo is rectangular, the price is right and I imagine my tote will sit better on top. As I'm currently in a wheeled carry-on rut with each successive season being as disappointing as the last, I'll give it a try. Thanks for the product review
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Old May 6, 14, 9:15 am
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Originally Posted by tcl View Post
I'm a bit anti-4 wheels
Part of my thesis here is not pushing this particular product (although it is great IMO), but that the differences between examples of this type of luggage are pretty slight. I'm suggesting that most of them are probably pretty good, and 5X to 10X price differences are not justified. but the stiff box might fit your needs, maybe check this out??

So if you like 2-wheelshttp://www.luggagepros.com/travelers-choice-tc-luggage-rome-20-hardshell-rolling-carry-on-upright.shtml

Looks pretty similar except for the 2 wheels. Same internal arrangement. I have not seen one of these, just thinking it might be worth your taking a look at it.
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