Suit Luggage Advice

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Suit Luggage Advice

I am getting married in Vegas in October.

We will be traveling with a lot because we will be staying for a week.

I will have a checked bag for my "normal" clothing. Plus and additional checked bag with my "wedding" related items. In addition I am planning on carrying on my dress and purse. So I will be pretty much maxed out on baggage.

My Fiancé will have one bag for his "normal" clothing and a laptop carry on bag.

We need to purchase an additional checked bag as we will be utilizing all we have currently. Ideally I would like a feature where my Fiancé's suit could be in his checked bag. I have seen some upright/roller bags with the garment feature on the flap. In addition I have seen an actually garment bag with wheels.

The good news is we will be in Vegas for a few days prior to the ceremony so any wrinkles obtained during travel should have time to breathe.

I am looking for some recommendations from individuals that travel for business regarding the options that are out there. Any direction/guidance would be much appreciated.

Thanks much.
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There are many different ways to pack a suit. A suiter on a roll aboard is not always that awesome (depending on what jacket size you are packing). I have a suiter on a 20" roll-aboard but a good portion of the time I use the "fold a suit" method (see the packing thread sticky).

Depending on how much travel will occur later you might want to think about a very large wheeled bag (sort of a hold everything bag, like a 24" roller bag).

If you are not going to need to wear the jacket etc. for a couple of days after you show up at the hotel, you can use the steam by shower or steam by blasting out steam from the iron trick.

Best of luck and congratulations.
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This may not be the most practical answer but the best solution is to have an expensive suit made of high quality wool, e.g. Super 200. Packing wrinkles from high quality suits will fall out when exposed to a steamy bathroom.

Failing that, I have found a carefully folded suit in the bottom of a suitcase about the same as the "suiter" function. I use the suiter function in my bags "because it's there" and it takes up room but I have found little difference wrinkle wise.

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I have a Briggs and Riley wheeled garment bag that gets used on longer business trips of over a week. It's not cheap and fully loaded it may go over weight limits but I've never had a suit come out with wrinkles.
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Suit Luggage Advice

sounds like the extra bag is to be checked and will carry the suit. a checked bag should give more room to the suit than carry-on a and reduce wrinkles. I'd suggest the larger e-bags hard side spinner. it's well built, inexpensive and you can put the suit wrapped in dry cleaning plastic and inside a suit cover in the lid compartment.
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