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Trip Delay Insurance & Sequester

Trip Delay Insurance & Sequester

Old Mar 5, 13, 10:38 pm
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Trip Delay Insurance & Sequester

I have a trip coming up that includes a cruise. Although we fly into our port city the day before the cruise, the trip includes some flight connections with 2-3 hours between flights. After the cruise we'll continue our vacation, aNd there is not much time between the disembarkation from the cruise and our next flights.

I'm worried about the potential for travel delays and missed connections due to reduced TSA, air traffic control, port authorities services, and customs and immigration during the sequester.

So I'm looking at trip delay insurance and I'm having a difficult time understanding which insurance would provide reasonable coverage due to such delays.

Others are (or will probably soon become) interested in the same quesiton, so I decide to open a thread on FT to for discussions. Let's share our knowledge, understanding and experience.

I am interested in which insurance policies any of you may have used which you believe are relevant. Do you believe those policies would cover you if, for example:
  • you missed your cruise because of delays at security or immigration which caused you to miss a flight or connection. (In this case "cover" means pay to catch up to the cruise).
  • missed your flight due to delays at immigration at the port upon your return

Note that many medical policies cover trip interruption/delay due to medical causes, but that is not relevant for this discussion.

One note: you always need to read your policy carefully. I've noticed that some trip delay insurance policies state that you are not covered for any delays in your trip home... in the current situation I think that is a big risk.

Some policies state that there is no coverage for government acts which interfere with your trip (I'll try to find an example)... I wonder how that could be used to deny claims related to delays due to the sequester.
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Old Mar 6, 13, 3:18 pm
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The policy will state what is covered and what is not covered. None will list sequester delays by name, because they were not written with that in mind.

Many specify the delay, so for example if they say

If your Covered Trip is delayed for 5 hours or more,
we will reimburse you, up to the amount shown in the

and your connection is less than five hours, you probably won't be covered.

They may also state what causes the delay, for example

Trip Delay must be caused by or result from:
1. any Common Carrier delay; or
2. permanent loss or theft of your passport(s), travel documents or money due to a reason not within your control; or
3. quarantine; or hijacking; or a civil disorder;
4. natural disaster or closure of public roadways by government authorities; or
5. a documented traffic accident while you are en route to departure;
6. unannounced strike.

which does not say a work stoppage due to congress not funding overtime for federal workers, so again you will probably not be covered

For cruises, they may even be more specific

should you miss your cruise departure as the result of the cancellation or delay of 3 or more hours of all regularly scheduled airline flights due to inclement weather.

Where all flights have to be canceled, and it has to be weather related.

Your best bet would probably to pay a bit more and get cancel for any reason insurance, though you need to make very clear that they do not consider this a pre existing condition since the sequester thing is already happening.
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Old Mar 6, 13, 9:40 pm
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Trip Insurance is normally covered in the FT Travel Products Forum.
Moving thread to Travel Products.
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Old Mar 8, 13, 6:13 am
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I do think it was not in the interest of flytertalk members to sideline this discussion into the travel products forum.... this is related to hot topic that can impact everybody and not simply about everyday insurance.
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Old Mar 8, 13, 6:17 am
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Mike, thanks for your thoughtful analysis.

Indeed it seems that delays caused by sequester would be excluded from many policies. Some policies explicitly include delays due to strikes, but also exclude delays due to strikes which had already been announced/expected when the insurance was purchased.

I'm not sure that "cancel for any reason" insurance would work, since it covers exactly what it says... cancellation of the trip to return him. If I was delayed and needed to spend money to catch up with the cruise, it looks like that would not be covered.
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Old Mar 12, 13, 1:52 am
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When they say common carrier delay, they mean the flight being delayed. Denied boarding, traffic, immigration, checkpoint delays are not covered unless the flight itself gets delayed because of these factors. I just learned a "free lesson" from being IDB'd by overbooking. (Airline slow response intersected with insurance filing deadline. Airline already paid out of goodwill, but Travelex says if I can't get on, it's not a trip delay. I've subsequently found out AMEX has IDB coverage.)
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