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My thoughts on Travelpro Platinum 7 carry on vs Briggs and Riley vs Tumi vs Titan

Before this March, I was a Titan guy. I love the 4 wheel Titans -- lightweight, very easy to maneuver, was never told its too big that I have to check it in. In fact, I only had one complaint with the 4 wheel carry-ons: that when you hit carpet, it throws off the balance and it requires effort and balance to keep it rolling. One solution is to tilt it and drag it as if it is a two wheeler. On tile floors / cement, I just love it.

There is one other issue with the clamshell design -- its a bit of a pain to open up at check points. So I saw a Travelpro Platinum 7 on sale (US$190) and bought the smaller 20" international size. Prior to this, I have an older Delsey, a Tumi (22" not right for international travel, plus older design with the handle sticking out), and a Samsonite laying around.

The Plat7 has a worry free warranty. Since carry-ons suffer less abuse than check in luggage, I don't really worry about comparing this to a Briggs and Riley warranty. I simply do not like the fact the BR handles being outside of the bag. Yes it means you have a flat packing surface, but it also means you have less packing space. I also hate the way the exposed handle mechanism looks. Additionally, one has to wait for a 50% discount for the B&R to enter the Plat7 discounted price range (this doesn't happen very often). So even though I really tried to like it, the B&R is not for me. The Tumi -- just doesn't seem like it is price/quality justified -- I don't see it as being twice or three times nicer than the Plat7 even though the price is so.

As far as two wheel cabin bags go, I like the Plat7. I've lugged it (30-45lbs total weight) through 6 airports thus far and the only complaint I have is I still haven't mastered how to set the length of the handle in the shorter on the two setting. (I feel this is something that one doesn't have to really learn). Yes, I am reaching for a 'cons'. I love how smooth those wheels roll and how effortless the Plat7 pulls.

Having said that, I still want to try my Titan 5th Element cabin trolley (with bigger wheels with suspension ) one of these days. It's just that the Plat7 gives more packing flexibility if I ended up with excess weight like I have been in my last two trips.
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Thanks for sharing your impressions. Much appreciated.

I have not yet tried a Titan bag but the reservations you have about hitting carpet are common to all four-wheelers in my experience, even with the very rigid Rimowa alu cases. One thing that helps is to pack the suitcase so that the center of gravity is as close to the wheels as possible. But still, changing surfaces, especially carpet, is not easy for this type of case.

I agree that the Tumi rollers are too heavy and too expensive for what they offer. And I couldn't agree more about the frickin' outsider handle system on the BR, while I otherwise love the brand, though its bags are also on the heavy side.

I also haven't tried the Plat7 yet but it's a well-known "traveler's secret" that the Plat series by Travelpro is generally excellent and normally the best bag in its category or among the best, especially considering price and warranty.

My TP Plat5 22" still does marvelous service after almost five years. Love that bag to death. Should have bought another one as a bag up. But the way it looks it should be good for another five years easily and who knows what they will come up with till then and what my travel needs will be.

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