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Wheeled Duffel vs Wheeled Upright?

Wheeled Duffel vs Wheeled Upright?

Old Apr 12, 12, 12:34 am
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Wheeled Duffel vs Wheeled Upright?

What are the pros and con of each? Was downtown today looking at macys at these bags and from what i see, it feels like wheeled duffels seem better? I saw a 28' wheeled duffel and it was definitely not as wide as a 28' wheeled upright. Is there a reason for this?

Why do so many people buy wheeled upright luggage as oppose to wheeled duffel? It seems like wheeled duffels are more convenient and the space seems to offer more space than a wheeled upright. Is it because wheeled upright looks more professional and stylish compared to a wheeled duffel? Thats the only thing that i can think is the reason. Am i right here?

I did notice a negaive of a wheeled duffel was when you open it as a duffel, you feel the handle on the bottom of it. Is that a big negative? Am i right or wrong that the same wheeled duffel size usually holds more than a wheeled upright?
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Old Apr 12, 12, 4:12 am
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The SEARCH function is your friend. Really!

In essence you are completely correct in your assumptions.

The duffel form factor is more efficient than the suitcase form factor. The higher geometric reasons of this escape me but usually a duffel will have a higher volume for the same linear inches than a suitcase (upright).

Example: Normal suitcase = 28x17x12 = 5712 cubic inches for 57 linear inches

Example: Duffle = 28x15x14 = 5880 cubic inches for 57 linear inches

More importantly the duffle will have the better volume to weight ratio and is thus better if you want to max out packing volume and weight while still staying within the limits. This is also in the thread I told you to read and provided a link for to make it easy.

The better volume to weight ratio is explained by the linear inch vs. volume phenomenon outlined above but mostly by the fact that the duffel will have less of hard-sided reinforcements than the classic suitcase.

The reason people buy more of the classic suitcase shape is probably twofold. They look more like the classic luggage and thus classier, besides people being creatures of habit, and they offer less protection. Moreover, they are a bit easier to pack and to access, especially for formal clothing. It is called SUITcase for a reason.

With both duffels and normal suitcases you will have the poles on the inside unless you buy Briggs Riley, where they are mounted on the outside for both duffels and suitcases.

For your personal situation I think a 26" wheeled duffel might actually be a good solution. It will offer more space than a 26" suitcase and still be lighter.

Duffels also have the added benefit to fit well (pun somewhat intended) into smaller car trunks and on back seats. Plus they are easier to maneuver in train corridors.

I really like duffels but the trick is to find the right tool for the task.

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Old Apr 12, 12, 8:41 am
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Yeah I think the wheeled duffles are convenient. Of my 'check in' bags, I have a REI 32 tech beast, REI 28 wheely beast, and Eagle Creek Tarmac 25 (2011). the 32 tech beast might seem 'tall', but is also skinny and a nice bag. both REI bags are also sturdy enough to put a briefcase type object against the handle when pulling.
Other than the traditional appearance differnce and the soft sided vs 'box' build in terms of full vs not full load, i find i use the wheeled duffles more often when i need to pack that much. Of course I'd be careful about not putting anything (at least without protection) that is easily breakable inside.
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Old Apr 12, 12, 3:55 pm
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Till's link won't open for me, so don't know if this is in that thread or not. I also like the duffel because it handles bulky stuff better. There are a few things I'd suggest that you watch for as you choose yours. You want one that will stand up when loaded, such as the eBags duffle. The third or fourth time that you have to reach down to the floor to pick up the handle, you'll understand why. I really like the drop bottom style, as it makes it less likely that what I need is under a mound of other stuff.
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Old Apr 12, 12, 4:25 pm
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Sorry, for the link Megn. I thought the search results were postable. Search terms were "Duffle volume". That will give anyone the same results I guess.

Indeed the tipping over and access problem is there with big duffels in particular. This is the reason I like duffels that have a good amount of exterior pockets and are rather squarish or cube shape. For example the big Briggs Riley duffle, which I don't own or the EC Supertrunk and the Andiamo 24" wheeled which I both own.

The Supertrunk is amazing. For moving, for really long trips, for scuba trips, for family vacation. Anything where you need a lot of stuff and don't have the room for a normal suitcase, the Eagle Creek ORV Supertrunk will do it. The divisible main compartment and the top compartments on the huge lide are worth gold.

When correctly loaded it also won't tip over.

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