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TSA and packing cubes

TSA and packing cubes

Old Mar 17, 11, 11:24 am
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TSA and packing cubes

I am considering getting some 'packing cubes' for use in my travels but I wonder if this is a really good idea considering that the TSA can open my luggage and search it. Wouldn't they also open all of the packing cubes? I am quite confident that they will not carefully repack the items and my clothes would just be a wrinkled mess sealed in a pack cube.

Does anyone have any experience with this?
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Old Mar 17, 11, 11:43 am
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It would depend on what they are searching for. If you are carrying something that caught their eye, and they may look just for that. The advantage of the cubes is they can feel it and see it's socks and underwear or whatever and not have to pick through everything. I've had suitcases inspected that I've had the pack it folders in, and they have never gone into the folders that I know of (if they had they never would have put everything back as tight)
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Old Mar 17, 11, 12:53 pm
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I had one instance where some of the packing folders were opened and all the clothes in them were just dumped back in the bag and the folders shoved in on top. It probably isn't more likely that your stuff will be pawed if you use them but it isn't any less likely either. They do make packing more neat and efficient.

At least that time they didn't steal my underwear.
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Old Mar 17, 11, 9:38 pm
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I always use cubes or folders or both. About 200,000 miles last year and they opened the cubes a grand total of once. And they didn't disrupt them, just reached inside a bit. I wouldnt worry about it. I find the cubes to be a great benefit for traveling.

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Old Mar 18, 11, 12:26 pm
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Thanks for the replies.
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I would send them a bill for the steaming/pressing/dry cleaning.
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