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bagobsessive Jan 7, 11 4:48 pm

eBags website
Is it just me, or just from Oz ... or is there a problem with eBags?

ShopAround Jan 7, 11 5:04 pm

I was on their website yesterday and it was working - no problems.

What kind of problem are you having?

prairiegal Jan 7, 11 7:42 pm

Working fine from Canada - just completed an order.

bagobsessive Jan 8, 11 4:52 pm

Thanks for the replies. I just keep getting a network timout - from two different computers in two different places.

Taltos Jan 8, 11 7:21 pm

Does not open at my PC now 9.1 02.21 GMT

2stepsahead Jan 9, 11 7:56 pm

same problem with ebags (Europe) :td:

Rampo Jan 10, 11 9:26 am

Is the mobile site - - also giving problems?

bagobsessive Jan 11, 11 9:46 pm

Originally Posted by Rampo (Post 15625477)
Is the mobile site - - also giving problems?

The mobile site seems fine but the regular site will still not open for me.

noam Jan 13, 11 4:10 am

Originally Posted by bagobsessive (Post 15607723)
Is it just me, or just from Oz ... or is there a problem with eBags?

There is something going on in Oz (or at least Sydney) with eBags. I could not connect over a week span while I was in Sydney earlier this month, but a friend in the US had no issues. When I got back to the US, it worked perfectly.

andreadbc Jan 19, 11 12:23 pm

I'm in Spain and I can't open it... I've tried a few days ago and today.

gobluetwo Jan 19, 11 2:24 pm

This is from Jan 3, but seems relevant:

According to their Twitter feed, I see they're reporting issues for international visitors since at least December 22. Looks like it's something they're hoping to fix though.

eBags (eBagsOnline) on Twitter

Taltos Jan 22, 11 5:39 am

Still not working for me.

docbert Jan 22, 11 8:28 pm

Wasn't working for me from Australia at Christmas.

Worked fine as soon as I got back to the US in the past few days of last year.

alan945 Jan 22, 11 9:15 pm

hasnt been working for me for several weeks, im in hong kong now.

bagobsessive Jan 24, 11 7:24 pm

Now it works for me again.

Taltos Jan 25, 11 6:46 pm

Originally Posted by bagobsessive (Post 15727368)
Now it works for me again.

Yes, me also.

nikconnor Jan 29, 11 9:08 am

All Ok for me in the UK.

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