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mselectra Aug 6, 10 10:42 am

REI Stratocruiser Wheeled Pack 22'' -- actual dimensions and any thoughts on it?
Hi -- I'm brand-new to FlyerTalk (enjoying reading through various threads) and thought you all might be right group to ask for help on this -- hope for a first post I don't sound too clueless ;):

I'm interested in the REI Stratocruiser Wheeled Pack 22'' -- -- which I would use to replace a beat-up cheap old carry-on. Although it has 22" in its name and is listed under carry-on bags on the REI website, their specs say it's 23 x 14.5 x 9.5 inches. Their live online help was no help, so wondering if anyone on here has an idea what the actual dimensions might be?

The issue is that it really has to work as a carry-on; I don't want to take any chances, but I also don't want to have to get a smaller bag (like 18") if I can help it.

A little more on where I'm coming from, if it's helpful (or ignore the following): I know a 22" is pushing the carry-on restriction for some airlines or planes, but I measured the one I've been using the last few years and it hits 22x14x9 pretty exactly (including wheels) and I haven't had any trouble with it, plus I can pack enough in it to, ideally, never have to check a bag again for the kind of travel I do. I definitely want wheels, and I really like the idea of it converting to a back-pack for occasional convenience. My guess is I wouldn't use the back-pack straps much, but all things being equal, I'd rather have them. If I give up on the back-pack part, I like the looks of the REI Tech Beast Rolling Duffel - 22" and Patagonia also has a wheeled pack I was interested in, but REI looked better. Any thoughts on those? I do need to be budget-conscious on this purchase, and I don't travel as much as most of you, so I don't think it would be worth it to spring for something similar but a lot more money, like Eagle Creek.

Many thanks to anyone who might have any thoughts on this -- and happy travels either way!

OnTheAsile Aug 7, 10 2:49 pm

I suggest you take a look at the Eagle Creek Swift 22.
It is lighter and the warranty cannot be beat. In case you are forced to check it for some reason, it has a ring hole to lock the zipper pull tabs to the bag(check photos on Eagle Creek site). If someone uses a ball point pen to open the zippers they cannot reseal the zippers by sliding the locked pull tabs. It seems to be selling at the list of $185 but Luggage OnLine has it a 10 hr sale of $148 at this time.
Eagle Creek has a great customer service. In the past I have asked a question that could not be answered and the service rep went and looked at a bag to get the answer.

As for the REI bag, look at the lowest rated review that mentions the actual sizing. In another thread it was indicated that most manufactures list the interior dimensions.

leland Nov 27, 16 10:53 am

SUPER SUPER old thread but read on for PSA plus a tiny thread diversion... (it's not big enough to be a fork).

PSA that the newer version of the REI Stratocruiser Wheeled Pack is on a decent discount: Time to get it if you were considering something like this.

Tiny thread diversion: I'm not too interested in the backpack function as I will always travel with an additional bag, daypack, etc. However I am interested in getting the largest possible rolling carryon I can find for business or leisure trips - primarily international or transcon (I'm not trying to solve for regional jets). My back isn't holding up well enough to keep using my quasi-onebag + tech bag method, currently OPEC with upgraded shoulder strap plus TNF Surge II. I'm looking for a massive carry-on possible bag that I can roll with a backpack/messenger on top, survive the occasional checking, etc. Seems like getting this instead of something like a Travelpro 22" might provide more space. Would appreciate any feedback specific to this REI Stratocruiser and your apologies when I eventually start a thread specific to my own quest to try to get closer to onebag travel.

Cloudship Nov 27, 16 5:37 pm

Here's my issue with the bag: something that isn't too apparent in pictures, but much more apparent in person, is that the back is actually a little concave. Good for use as a backpack, but structurally takes up a decent amount of room. Add to that complicated construction so it can be use as a convertible, and in teh end you end up with a lot less usable space. I love the aluminum tube construction, and the lightweight material, if they could only fix that I would be so happy.

leland Nov 28, 16 9:31 pm

Thanks @Cloudship - skipping this one based on that. I was attracted by the large volume measure, but something about it was saying too good to be true.

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