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Inexpensive High-Quality GoPro type cameras - any reviews ?

Inexpensive High-Quality GoPro type cameras - any reviews ?

Old Dec 30, 15, 9:43 pm
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Inexpensive High-Quality GoPro type cameras - any reviews ?


I would like something like a GoPro but cheap and decent quality ,

I think the best copy is the sj4000 made by SJcam , there are also may cheaper copies ....

Has anyone used the copy cams ? and good or bad reviews ?

Also how are they in low light ?

what features are a must ?

and is WiFi useful ?

thanks for your ideas , I am sure there are many who do not want to spend GoPro $$$$ and also do not need the better quality to show the videos on your iPad
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Old Dec 31, 15, 11:11 am
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I bought a Mecam X through Touch of Modern a few months ago, it's got good quality (I used it to record my Halloween fireworks display) and the WiFi is good when it works - the range seems to be a bit limited but because I was doing "set and forget" I just started recording and didn't worry about controlling the camera.

It came with a wrist control which I suppose could be useful, but I have a hard enough time wearing a wristwatch so having a rubbery band on my wrist isn't something I'm going to do if I can help it.

I haven't been able to get it to mount to desktop on my Macs, so when I need to access the video files I remove the card and use a reader. I have no idea if it will be recognized in Windows.
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Old Dec 31, 15, 5:10 pm
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I'm going to move this to our Travel Photography forum. It should get some more traction there.
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Old Jan 1, 16, 6:02 am
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For a factual yet entertaining comparison of GoPro and cheaper alternatives:

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Old Jan 3, 16, 8:09 am
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Xiaomi Yi is the obvious choice, but the GoPro session is tanking in price like crazy and could be good value if it goes down any further
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Old Jan 5, 16, 5:49 am
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I have an SJCam WiFi, and really like it.

I use it mostly as a helmet cam for motorbike rides, and having the WiFi is very useful for this.

I mount my phone on my handlebars, and I can stream a live image of what the camera is seeing to the phone's screen, and also control (start/stop rec) from the phone.

And it's compatible with all the GoPro mounting accessories.
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Old Jun 19, 19, 9:13 am
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I am sure technology has made some progress in last 3.5yrs. Read about several alternatives on Amazon... wanted to see what to fellow FT'ers prefer.
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Old Jun 29, 19, 8:37 am
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I'll get the standard gopro. Yes it's more expensive but quality goes somewhere. But by all means check YouTube also
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Old Jul 7, 19, 1:31 am
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If looking to use in French Polynesia, would you suggest using a) existing GoPro Session, b) cheap Amazon knock-off, or c) new GoPro bundle at Costco?

Am very casual user and only use it in/underwater, but these action cameras have become so commodified am not sure if itís just a better to get a disposable piece of junk from some scumbag importing these on Amazon marketplace now...
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Old Jul 7, 19, 10:26 pm
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I looked at a bunch of knock offs earlier in the year and ended up buying a Hero 5 Black for the trip I took last spring. It worked great for what I wanted. I knew I wouldn't use it a lot after the trip and couldn't justify the $350 ($399 normally) that the Hero 7 Black was selling for at the time. I used the savings to pick up a few accessories for it. The one thing I forgot to' get was an extra battery which meant I had to top it off from one of my power banks after using it for awhile when put and about.
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