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Recent experiences Lufthansa dog in cabin from Heathrow

Recent experiences Lufthansa dog in cabin from Heathrow

Old Oct 5, 20, 8:02 pm
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Recent experiences Lufthansa dog in cabin from Heathrow

Has any anyone had any recent experiences flying with LH dog in cabin out of Heathrow ?

An a bit worried as due to take my King Charles cavalier on flight but just realised the my donít fly English toy spaniels as they are a snubbed nose breed. 1. I didnít realise an English toy spaniel was very similar to cavaliers and Iím now worrying about this. Iíve phoned Lufthansa twice to confirm my cavalier can fly in cabin and they have said yes (recorded the calls just in case) but Iím just panicking about hiccups at the airport.
2.how strict are they on weight requirements, dog is only 7kg but the new carrier might push us just over the 8kg?
3. Do the LH staff make you get the dog out at check in? Flew with my cat to FRA in 2018 and no one even checked to see if it was a cat, let alone weighted or checked the carrier she was in. Only time cat was out of the carrier was in the little room at security. Really donít know what to expect this time around!
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Old Oct 7, 20, 9:51 am
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1: LH's restrictions/embargos for snub-nosed breeds do not pertain to in-cabin travel.
Quote from website:
Dogs and cats belonging to snub-nosed breeds have anatomically restricted airways with the accompanying difficulty in breathing. The stress caused by transportation and/or high temperatures at the departure, transfer and destination airports can cause circulatory issues that may result in breathing problems. As a result, your pet could suffer serious health problems or even die during the journey.
Lufthansa will therefore no longer be transporting these breeds in the cargo hold with effect from 1 January 2020. Existing, confirmed bookings, including those for flights scheduled after 1 January 2020, will remain valid. You will still be able to take your pet into the cabin with you.

2: and 3:
That solely depends on the agent you'll encounter at check-in. There's no predicting how different staff will handle this.
With a 7 kg dog, and a 1,5kg carrier plus accessories (bedding, toys etc. you're looking at about one kg over the limit. That may or may not fly with them.
I`ve had the whole range of experiences - from no checks at all to the full monty of "that dog is too big for this crate, we will not accept this".
See that the animal weighs as little as possible when you check in (empty bowels!) and remove all accessories from the carrier (shoulder straps, thick bedding...) to get the weight down as much as possible in case they check on the weight.
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Old Oct 8, 20, 7:09 pm
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Thank you so much for replying. I really appreciate it and you have eased my worries. Fingers crossed for a smooth journey!!
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Old May 19, 21, 8:23 am
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Hi! I was wondering what your experience in regards to checking supporting documentation is? I am flying air france with my cat for the first time (London-Paris-Boston,US) and cannot get a straight answer for what exactly they will require (U.S. doesnt require rabies, but AirFrance may?) but overall could you just share a bit about how the check-in normally goes with pets?
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Old May 27, 21, 10:15 pm
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It would concern me having any Brachycephalic breed traveling by air, let alone in a cargo hold. It's not a pleasant place for Dogs to be and the air circulation is lacking.
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