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FragranceMarketingGuy Nov 4, 19 7:50 pm

Dog in LH Cargo Hold - JFK -> FRA -> ARN
We're traveling with our Dalmatian next Summer from JFK -> FRA (connection) -> ARN. Our connection is approximately 1:30 in FRA.
Where does the dog clear immigration? FRA or ARN?
We've traveled with him several times on LX to ZRH (nonstop) and it was a simple process.
Just concerned we might go in one direction in FRA and he goes in the other and missing the connection.
FYI....contacted LH several times and a different story each time.
Many thanks.

bhomburg Nov 5, 19 3:46 am

The dog will be checked through and pass immigration in ARN, if you don't specify otherwise. Behind the scenes in FRA, he/she will be unloaded from the JFK-FRA flight, brought to the animal lounge and then loaded onto the ARN flight. The animal lounge is a very professional facility, and LH has a good reputation and track record of how they treat animals.. .
If you don't trust LH to handle the connection correctly, you could book a later ARN flight - there's 802 at 10:20, giving you a 4.5-hour connection and 806 at 1pm, giving you a 6.5-hour connection - and short-check the crate to FRA where you'd pick it up, pass immigration/customs/anmal inspection (which will likely be a two-minute affair; the USDA/APHIS paperwork for Sweden is also accepted in Germany) go for a nice long walk in the forests surrounding the airport and then check him/her back in.
Honestly, if you know that your dog can 'hold it' for the close to 12 hours he/she'll be confined to their crate, I`d just get it over with and keep the short connection. I`ve flown with dogs on LH often and never had any issues with mishandling.

FragranceMarketingGuy Nov 5, 19 1:13 pm

Many thanks.
We frequently fly LX from JFK to ZRH (nonstop), but, never a connection.
Your information has been very helpful and we'll keep our short connection.

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