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westcoastbmx Feb 18, 12 5:44 pm

Bert Kreischer and His Pranks on Hotel Maids

hmmm.....pretty funny-

sipples Feb 18, 12 11:28 pm

Maybe I don't get it, but I don't think it's too funny increasing the cleaning staff's workload in this way. It's a tough enough job already. I hope he left outsized cash tips, but I didn't see any in the photos.

biggestbopper Feb 20, 12 1:57 pm

Not funny at all.

Not nice to pick on poor hotel maids. :td:

Ole Bert is an idiot. :mad:

CPRich Feb 20, 12 5:22 pm


I heard him talking on the radio about it and he says he leaves a big tip (like $150 or something) so stop complaining
If true, this puts it in a bit of a different light. But the one's that appear to be actual people, with blood included, still aren't called for.

jcmitchell21 Feb 22, 12 12:56 pm

I think it's funny.

abmj-jr Feb 22, 12 9:05 pm

This fool seems to be exploring ways to be banned from every hotel at which he stays. Good luck to him.

Hazmike Feb 22, 12 9:52 pm

The guy is a total tool with too much time on his hands. With that kind of creativity think what he could do to better society. Instead he makes more work for housekeeping even if he's tipping them.

jcmitchell21 Feb 24, 12 1:14 pm

Man ... does anyone have a sense of humor? Although I thought his Bert the conqueror show was lame, I appreciated his comical and dramatic approach even to the simple things.

WildPlumYonder Feb 24, 12 2:46 pm

Voluntarily paying to see a comedian in a show is one thing, having this extra work foisted on you during your normal (likely hectic, likely underpaid) work day is something else entirely.

And finding this funny - or NOT funny - is not an indication of having or lacking a sense of humor. You can have a perfectly good sense of humor without finding pranks or practical jokes funny.

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