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Ask the Pilot: More Tacky Logos

Now up in Patrick Smith's ASK THE PILOT column at Salon.com:


--- Winglets for Dummies: What are those upturned fins at the end of the wing for? How do they work, and why don't all planes have them?

--- Footage of the remarkable * sound * of a 757 vortex striking the ground.

--- Plus, the insufferable tackiness of those ".com" advertisements plastered across airplanes...

"...For that matter, all references to Web addresses ought to be banned from all parts of a carrier’s livery. Like somebody might not know that airlines have their own websites where people can check out flights and book tickets. Of course, the only thing more unnecessary that a URL splattered across a winglet or fuselage are those cases where a carrier’s entire identity is oriented around the Internet. In Brazil, now, there’s something called WebJet.

Or worse, remember Mexicana’s “Click” subsidiary? That’s right, Click. 'I’m flying Click from Monterrey to LAX.' (Or you were flying Click, since last year’s unfortunate demise of Mexicana, which was one of the three oldest airlines in the world, took Click down with it.) Best I can tell, the intent was to evoke the sound one makes while conveniently booking his or her ticket online. Logical, but still stupid.

Hungary’s Wizz Air reminds us of a sound also, though probably not the one the company has in mind.

Wizz Air. Like 'underwear bomber,' we’re expected to say that without irony, with a straight face? What next? And I’m curious: Is commercial aviation the only big industry that has, with certain exceptions, all but given up on presenting itself with dignity? Everything is so downmarket and cheap and gimmicky these days, from liveries and logos to staff uniforms to the very names of airlines themselves..."

The FULL article can be read for free here:


Please enjoy, and weigh in below with your opinions re: Internet adverts plastered on planes.

-- Patrick Smith
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Winglets? Pfft.

They are really antlers. Mature male planes grow them and shed them
annually after the rut.
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Here's a better audio of vortices hitting ground - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wnTHzVr2CLU

Making fun of airline names? The US came up with TED.
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