Flying with a perforated eardrum


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Flying with a perforated eardrum

When I was young, my ear tubes caused a perforation in my right ear. About three years later, they did surgery on my eardrum to repair the perforation in my right eardrum. However, my eardrum opened up a some after the surgery.

I don't have plans to fly soon, but I would like to go to other countries in the future. I was wondering if anyone here would know anything about the pressure when flying and if that could pop my right eardrum causing me to go deaf or would the pressure go through the perforation in my eardrum; because when the pressure has changed buses going to different states, the pressure only has effected my left ear and caused a bit of discomfort in that ear.

And yes, I'm going to still consult my doctor/surgeon.
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I totally agree with your idea of consulting with your doctor. This is the best solution.
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I would suggest if you already have a perforation your ear drum won’t suffer from issues of pressurisation, as it is no longer a “sealed vessel” as it were. Of course knowing the exact size of the perforation would be helpful, and if the Eustachian tube is functioning normally this is a non issue anyway but, I would not be excessively worried by this
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