Swimming pool hygiene practices

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I have been to places where swimmers are required to shower before entering the pool. Other places do not require swimmers to shower before entering the pool.
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As has been mentioned above, pool sanitation requires adequate amount of free chlorines at all times and removal of chloramines.
This really needs to be monitored and maintained constantly, on a daily basis.

I wonder what % of hotels either 'manually' disinfect the pool on a daily basis, or have pools with machine automatically filtering/maintaining the water.
Do you think most hotels do not do this to such extent?

Also, it seems to me that there is a correlation between hotel brand and pool water quality.

At most HGI / Embassy Suites / many Doubletree, indoor and sometimes outdoor pools smell "like chlorine." (meaning not enough free chlorine, not clean enough).
But at Fairmont / Conrad / many Hyatt, even indoor pool water smells very fresh and my eyes don't burn.

Is it possible that pool water sanitation criteria are built into certain hotel brands' management/franchising contract?

I like doing staycations with a big objective being the use of pool. But I'm becoming more and more of a germaphobe, plus had a bad experience with my eyes acting up after a pool use a couple years ago even with swim goggles. Trying to find out if there's a semi-reliable way to screen hotels for this ahead of time, rather than take a chance and then find out after I've checked in.
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Originally Posted by cslewis View Post
I have been to places where swimmers are required to shower before entering the pool. Other places do not require swimmers to shower before entering the pool.
Yeah, same. It is not mandatory to shower before entering the pool.
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Here's some interesting reading.


In some, it seems one is more likely to get ill from "treated" water immersion than in non-treated water.
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My condo buildings have always insisted on a shower before using the (indoor) pool, but this meant getting a bit wet, not using soap. A lot of hotels have similar rules posted.

Once I got sick in Mexico despite being very very very careful about F&B, brushing teeth with bottled water, etc. I'm convinced it was from swallowing a bit of (outdoor) pool water, so I'm now cautious about using a pool in places where you can't drink the water. More generally, if I'm not convinced that the hotel has excellent hygiene practices, I won't swim there.

I'm even fussier about using spas because I don't know about the local regulations and licensing standards (or lack thereof). This means no pedicures in most countries, etc.

Similarly, I won't use public hot tubs. Too many people and lots of nasty things can grow in warm water.

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I have found many occasions in China where wearing a swimming cap has been mandatory for both men and women.. in the most relaxing, resort style pools..
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