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Ito Live Sep 8, 15 5:49 am

Medical treatment abroad

I am working on my master thesis on medical tourism.
It would be great if you could spare me a minute and answer three quick questions to help more people receive trustful and affordable medical treatment abroad.

I will share the results with you next week.
Really appreciate your help,


aceflyer2 Sep 15, 15 2:08 pm

This is a real issue that many do NOT consider. Recently had a friend who had a tragic accident in Denmark. He has great insurance in U.S., but it will not cover him there. He will be there for several months as he recovers. Very sad.

Nanook May 7, 16 9:33 am

I recently spent 7 days in a hospital in Austria for pneumonia. I am 100% positive I received better care there than I would have in the US. I had travel insurance, so all was paid for, but the cost to me would have been about $800 per day, everything included. Admittedly, I was in a 5-bed room, but only two of the other beds were occupied at any given time.

Sometimes medical tourism is about quality of treatment, not merely cost.

jeffreyty002 Jun 2, 16 8:15 am

Seems like link is not working. Anyway, I'm very interested about medical tourism and this is actually yes an issue that people needs to tackle so everyone will be oriented on the importance. I was wondering if getting a travel insurance is really needed as I've so many questions in mind like the process and how sure we are they will acknowledge it.

inhealed Nov 8, 19 2:16 am

I'm also curious about the long term impact of these trends. Dentists in UK and NHS, in general, is overloaded, even though more and more people travel to Eu for treatments. interesting

skyfly58 Nov 21, 19 11:10 am

are there good discussions on travel insurance, on this website?

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