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A Walk Around the World: A Healthy Lifestyle Challenge

A Walk Around the World: A Healthy Lifestyle Challenge

Old Mar 15, 11, 11:06 am
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A Walk Around the World: A Healthy Lifestyle Challenge

My church is doing a symbolic walk to Jerusalem for Lent. They’ve assigned a number of miles for a bunch of healthy lifestyle choices. I thought this was a brilliant idea and that we could do something similar on FT. But let’s not just do it for Lent. Let’s do it every day.

The goal is to provide a thread in which we encourage each other to make small healthy lifestyle changes. I’d love to see us walk around the world (24901 miles) but since this is a new forum I’m going to set a small goal that we can achieve rather quickly and celebrate. Let’s try to accumulate 1000 miles in the next few weeks.

You can report your data daily or weekly. But please don’t do multiple posts per week, instead let’s try to edit our first post of the week. This will keep the thread from getting unmanageably long. I’ll define the start of the week as Sunday. Since today is Tuesday our first week with be a short week.

If you think there is something we should add to the “Exchange Rates”, then post it or PM me.

In true FT style double miles are awarded on days you manage to do these things while on the road!

The Exchange Rates:
Walking/running/biking = actual miles (a.k.a. base miles)
15 minutes strength training = ½ mile per period
Rowing = double base miles
One hour of team sport practice/game = 3 miles
Swimming = double base miles
Just showing up ready to exercise = ¼ mile
15 minutes of daily stretching at your desk/mobile office = ½ mile per period
15 minutes of housework/gardening = ½ mile per period
Take a multivitamin = 1 mile per day
Take your meds as directed = 1 mile per day
Eat one serving fruit = ½ mile per occurrence
Eat one serving vegetables = ½ mile per occurrence (here fries and chips don’t count, i.e. consumption not eligible for miles)
Eat one serving of whole grains = ½ mile per occurrence
Drinking water instead of soda/coffee/etc = ½ mile per occurrence
Each week you may choose one activity not listed above and define it reasonably. For example, if you are a smoker you might give yourself 5 miles for not smoking for 24 hours.

Every mileage program needs elite statuses so here’s what I propose:
80 miles in a month = Blue Status
140 miles in a month = Silver Status
200 miles in a month = Gold Status
260 miles in a month = Platinum Status

Lifetime Status can be obtained as follows:
1500 miles in a year = Lifetime Blue
2000 miles in a year = Lifetime Silver
3000 miles in a year = Lifetime Gold
4000 miles in a year = Lifetime Platinum
6000 miles in a year = Lifetime Super Secret Triple Diamond VIP Elite Status

All the usual program rules apply re: leveling up during the year. Our goal is not to be a snooty “I’m higher ranking than you” elite program. Rather our goal is to shame Delta with our higher percentage of elites.

You must track your own status. It’s the honor system, folks.
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Old Mar 15, 11, 11:06 am
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Place holder post for total reported miles.

Here's my day so far as an example of how we compute miles:

1 cup Cheerios with 1 cup strawberries = 1/2+1/2 miles = 1 mile
15 minutes of cleaning and laundry = 1/2 mile
1 cup of veg with lunch = 1/2 mile
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Old Mar 15, 11, 1:31 pm
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Is this like diarying? Applaud the idea, but not sure I'll track stuff that well & speaking only for myself I don't really want to read someone's daily/activities intake (well the exercise blog guys do in that thread). Some might already diary, as mentioned in the apps thread. Is reading this thread 1/8 of a mile?

But the concept sounds fun, can't hurt & obviously having elite levels adds some incentives. FWIW - we have a few folk in this forum who run a lot during the week so they can probably get you to the walk the world level pretty quickly.

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