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The Locker Room....who we are!

The Locker Room....who we are!

Old Sep 20, 11, 8:25 am
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Hi, I just came across this forum, which I guess is relatively new. I started traveling for work about 50% of the time about 3 years ago, and have found it certainly makes it hard to maintain a healthy diet and exercise program. When I'm home, I tend to make it to the gym or use my at home elliptical and make healthy meals, but on the road, I find it hard to always make healthy choices. Maybe I'll find some good tips here!
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Old Oct 20, 11, 10:32 pm
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Hello, I'm SQ421 and I am overweight.

28, 5'10, 130kg/286lbs.

As far back as I remember, I've always been on the heavier side. Was rather chunky (never morbidly obese; always active & playing sport) as a teenager, and have only managed to pad em on since.

After being dumped three months before the wedding last year, I went into a bit of a funk, and then started hitting the gym regularly (1hr on the exercycle thrice a week, 20 mins of jogging 10 mins of rowing and weights on other two days), as a means to channel my frustration and anger towards something constructive. That, coupled with not indulging in as much junk food, and staying away from alcohol (the former, as I just didn't feel like eating, the latter, cos I did not want to drink whilst I was in that emotional funk) meant I dropped a good 15kgs/33lbs in 3 or so weeks. Worked out 5 days a week and played organized sport (Cricket) on weekends, and with moderating what I ate, I spent that entire summer at about 20kgs/45lbs lighter than I'd been in a fair while.

It was great to see the suits I'd gotten made about a year prior, feeling baggier around my midsection.

Then, right at the end of summer, I started a new contract (after being off work for the previous six months - having walked out of a contract after the break up) and the wheels came off the wagon.

Went back to my old ways, piled on the weight I'd lost, got back into eating badly.

Even over the last 15 or so years, while I've put on weight, I never felt "obese" as, I've continued being active - playing sport every weekend in Summer, able to play 45 mins of squash thrice a week or so. Being broad shouldered, I always seemed to have carried my additional weight better than a typical "overweight" people one would see. Besides, all (or certainly most of) the weight that I am carrying, is around my tummy, chest and hips. Arms, shoulders and calves aren't/don't seem to be carrying much if any excess fat. All these factors have probably contributed to me neglecting the weight growth than i otherwise would have, especially if it'd started to hamper my activities.

Turned 28 last month, and I've made a pact with myself to be the fittest I've been by the time I turn 30. Measuring the "fitness" not by body weight, but by fat percentage.

Here on, I'm planning to
1. Kick off the Couch to 5K program (www.c25k.com) and run my first 5k run in 9 weeks
2. Continue running beyond that, and complete the 14km City2Surf run in Sydney (usually held in mid August)
3. Build core strength
4. Weight training, both as means of burning fat, and to add/define muscle mass. I'd love to achieve a well toned look, whilst not pursuing a "cut and shredded" goal.

In addition to that, I plan to (and have already started, for a few weeks) eat healthy and eat right.

Presently, here's what my typical day looks like

*Breakfast - Oats with milk, honey, some sliced fruit (usually strawberries)
*Lunch - A subway sub, wheat bread, I do take cheese on it, occasionally a lean cuisine meal.
*Dinner - Grilled chicken breast, side salad (no dressings, usually a squeeze of lemon and some cracked pepper for flavouring). Salad usually consists of a closed fist full of lettuce, diced capsicum, diced or cherry tomatoes, diced onions and some fetta.

I typically have a late brunch on Sundays at an outdoor cafe, and consists of French Toast with Maple Syrup, or could be Caesar Salad with grilled chicken, and routine dinner out with a friend, which tends to rotate between the local dumpling place, an Indian restaurant, or some Italian.

Except for the Sunday, I aim to not have any carbohydrates after lunch. No bread/pasta at all; and the difference in how I feel the morning after I've had a late carb laden dinner vis-a-vis when I've had no carbs after lunch, is very very tangible.

Putting this out there will certainly help me stay true to this, and no doubt advice encouragement and help from the community here will go a long way in reaching my goals. Having read this thread last night, I've already got a short list of people that I plan to take up on their offer of helping out fellow FTers.

Thank you, FT - for this part of the forum.
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Old Oct 25, 11, 2:22 pm
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Originally Posted by SQ421
Thank you, FT - for this part of the forum.
Good luck. At times, this forum has taught me a lot about diet and exercise that I have found useful and effective.
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Old Nov 20, 11, 12:15 am
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Been in the Milesbuzz forum for a couple weeks now and just ran across this sub-forum. Excellent stuff.

I'm a younger gun (26) and have worked in professional baseball, college, private training facilities and corporate. Depending who you ask, I'm strength and conditioning coach, fitness coach, sports nutritionist or personal trainer. Hold a degree in exercise physiology and am certify by national, reputable organizations in the United States. None of those craptastic certifications where you pay for initials or take a weekend course.

Believe, there are a lot (vast majority) of horrible, unprepared, ignorant trainers out there like someone mentioned earlier in this thread. The advice given is good, regarding things to look for in a qualify trainer. But be careful, people that "care" about you are great, but those with amazing interpersonal skills (charmers) can sometimes make up in their knowledge/ability by talking to you very nicely. Whether they realize it or not, people could end up paying for somebody to listen/talk to them. A friend for 3-4 hours per week.

That said, it's hard to evaluate trainers without knowing them or their body of work. They could look the part, know the part or play the part. If you happen to find one that has all three going on, you have a keeper. Chances are she/he is popular and expensive. If not, focus on the two things you really care about and commit to get the best out of it.

Defining a "best trainer" is tough. All the good ones have niches they specialize in. Could be body transformations, long distance running, adult fitness, post-pregnancy, athletes, etc. A good one will definitely be able to help you a lot, for a long time, but if your goal is very specific, that last 10-20% of progress needed may require extra time/work or even a referral to a colleague. Wanna test your trainer? Ask for his go-to-people for physical therapy and massages. Must haves-for any serious professional----

A lot less about myself. Grew up in South America, went from overweight teenager to college athlete in the US. During that time I found my passion for fitness and now a profession. I have been the obsessive bodybuilder, the calorie-counter dieter, the no-going-out-I-must-work-out guy, the one that took his own food to places, the cheat day guy, the all organic, vitamins/supplements big spender...etc. Lived through all of those faces at some point. A couple of years after college, after experimentation with different systems and methods, I found a way to truly balance fitness with life and this is what I now do myself and try to pass on to others. You would be surprise how much (or little) you sometimes need for best results.

Looking forward to participating in future discussions.
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Old Nov 27, 11, 12:34 pm
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I'm Bob, 28yo, 175 pounds (80kg), working as manager in a global team, actively travelling 50-90% of the time for the past 2 years and I'm European (for some people this changes things apparently ;-p).

This is the PERFECT sub forum for me because:
1. I used to be a fitness fanatic, up to 4x week, big 3, thaibox, shakes 'n such, refusing weekend beer UNTIL I started travelling a lot. Now I hang on by 1-2x week, pussy-exercises, hardly a protein shake, travel / hotel bar beers - cigar - whisky
2. I choose my hotels by the gym they carry and find it frustrating that they often don't offer any decent info and a wide-lens trick picture of how their gym looked 10 years ago when they opened
3. I HAVE to do better in combining travel and gym, I refuse to become like my average Joe colleague who grows a gut by 30, stops sports and...looks like crap basically ;-)

My burning question: Does anyone know a hotel fitness directory that is well up to date and contains their gym's specifications???
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Old Nov 29, 11, 8:48 am
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Originally Posted by Lehava

Very long story short, in February 2009 I weighed 338 lbs and life was pretty miserable for me, travel was obnoxious (as a couple FT'ers who were on a trip in Israel with me can attest to) and I was at a make or break point. I decided surgery wasnt the solution for me and set out on a journey to figure out how at 40 years old you remake your body (didnt know at the time I would be remaking my life too as part of this). I joined a gym and started down the road.


TODAY I AM 210 POUNDS!!!!!!!
Well done!! You have managed to start the journey and stay its course which is the hardest hurdle. I have many clients who have done similar but with you sharing it so open I have much respect for you!!

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Old Jan 19, 12, 8:02 pm
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Originally Posted by techgirl
My goal in 2011 is to lose another 50-60 pounds. But I've realized I can only do this by having a consistent DAILY focus on my intake and output. And support is critical to that.
Any update Techgirl?
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Old Jan 20, 12, 12:50 pm
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Hey, folks. My name is Andrew Dhuey. In early 2012, I'm 44 and I live in Berkeley, Cal. My main athletic activity is distance running, but I also enjoy mountain biking, road cycling and a weekly strength workout.

I have no real athletic talent, but in my early 20s I began mountain biking and slowly built up a strong cardiovascular endurance base. I began running a few years later and the led to my marathons starting in 2005. Now my main goal is to maintain a fitness level so that I'm just able to qualify for the Boston Marathon. I've "BQ'ed" five times, but only by very slim margins -- once with only 7 seconds to spare.

For those who are out of shape and thinking about changing that, my advice is i) please do this! and ii) have a long-term outlook. It's going to be tough at first -- there's no way around that. Build up slowly and in a few months you'll start to notice your body responding to the challenge. Hire a trainer if you can afford it, otherwise you might want to buy a book with a training plan.

You can do this, and we're here to support you. There is a pot of gold waiting for you down the road. You'll feel so much better physically and psychologically. And, of course, you'll look a lot better!
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Old Feb 7, 12, 11:29 pm
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What's up fitness forum?

I'm a college student currently, and I will be going to China for an extended period over this summer. As I will be away from my gym for that long, I decided I would check out this board to see how y'all stay in shape when you're on the road.

Having been that skinny kid who couldn't gain a pound of weight if I gorged myself every meal, I spent the last few years overhauling my diet and training regimen. I've gained around 40 lbs over the last 3 years, and now I'm at about 180 lbs at 14% or so bodyfat and 5'11" in height. Currently I'm working on trying to cut down my bodyfat to 10% or so in time for summer, but with my crazy metabolism, if I don't eat spot on and hit the weights religiously I'll lose strength and muscle.

If any of y'all have any tips on how I can minimize muscle loss when you're away from the weights for 2-3 weeks (most hotel gyms I've been to have minimal strength equipment, the most I've seen were medium weight dumbells (~70 lbs) and smith machines (never barbells, liability reasons?) and that was at an all inclusive resort in the Dominican Republic), let me know.
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Old Mar 16, 12, 10:44 am
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Hi all. I've been a flyertalk lurker for a while as I've only recently really gotten into the frequent flyer club for work. I found this forum today from the blog post and was so happy to find it!! I've been on a constant struggle to lose weight and adding a lot of travel has obviously made that pretty hard. I've been very successful this year having lost 12 pounds so far while on various trips (driving and flying). I'm hoping to continue that trend through 2012 and beyond. I would like to be more comfy in those little airplane seats and not be embarrassed while buckling in. Already with 12 lbs lost I notice a bit of a difference with the seat belt being a little easier to fasten without a fight I've learned a lot so far about losing weight on the road and hope to learn more from all of you.

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Old Nov 17, 12, 11:38 am
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[Oops - moved to the Exercise Blog, which is probably a more appopriate place. Did not want to violate the cross-forum posting part of the TOS.]

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Glad to see this forum here. Will contribute.
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