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United Polaris 1x2x1 w/Children

United Polaris 1x2x1 w/Children

Old May 4, 22, 7:44 am
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United Polaris 1x2x1 w/Children

I am looking to fly united Polaris 1x2x1 (Boeing 767-300) configuration with 2 kids (7/9). They are very good kids and have frequently traveled.

Can anyone recommend which seats I should select sp we can be as close as possible and also keep an eye on the kids.

Thank you.
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Old May 4, 22, 11:24 am
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Aisle access is key. I would put each one of them in a window and then put yourself across from one of them.

We are a family of 4 but both my kids + my wife want window seats, plus she considers her J time a mini-vacation and watching the kids mostly falls to me (and luckily they are good travelers as well). In 1-2-1 configs we sit with 3 in the 1x window seats and I am across from the middle of them - usually with one of the kids a row back at the window.
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Old May 30, 22, 1:02 pm
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I am trying to figure out the same thing, flying on the 777ER which has the same configuration. My kids like to play Switch watch tv etc together so we put them in the middle (I think row 17) in one of the seats where the inner seats are close together. Normally we'd sit behind them when we go domestic 1st and they can look through the seats if they need us, but I don't think that's a great option in Polaris since the suite is much more enclosed. So we took the seats on the same row windows. However the only issue I see is that in the row with close-together middle seats the aisle seats are also set back from the aisle so I'm not sure our problem is solved at all. Maybe it would be better for us to be on the aisles the row ahead of them? Really not sure. I sort of wonder if the best option is just sit behind them anyway and be sure they have a magazine or something they can use to get our attention. Luckily they are good travelers so I'm not too worried either way..... Anyway that was my thought process. Mine are 5/8 so the younger one needs the older one to help with things so the triple window idea won't quite work. If anyone else has any ideas....
Ironically I'd be just as happy in premium economy on the non-overnight flight but they don't have that CDG-EWR and the Polaris seats at 65k/pp are a great deal.
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Old Jun 12, 22, 5:07 am
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Bumping this. Traveling with a 5 year old on a very long haul that only has 1-2-1 config in business. Trying to figure out the best play. For example does the divider come down between the 2 middle seats? is it better to sit across the isle? Are there specific seats where a 5 year old is allowed(i believe in economy child seats can only be in the aisle for example.

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Old Jun 15, 22, 6:52 pm
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Check seatguru. Most of the 1-2-1 Polaris alternate rows between middle seats closer together (and divider comes.down) and middle seats further apart.
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Old Jun 25, 22, 5:24 am
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I realize the OP was talking about the 767, which is really 1x1x1. The D and F center seats are in different rows and do not interact. It looks like D seats point towards the aisle a bit more, so A/D are better for parents and kids I think.
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