Babymoon with a 2.5 year old?

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Babymoon with a 2.5 year old?

hello everyone. I wanted some suggestions on where to travel for a sort of babymoon with my 2.5 year old. It will have to be in the month of March where I値l be 5 months pregnant.
I saw tht Iceland has great deals around tht time but I知 not sure how it would be with my toddler. Also I feel like all European countries are going through rainy season? Any and all opinions welcomed!
thanks in advance
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First question: where are you based?

Regarding Iceland: not sure about the weather in March, still quite cold, and Iceland is more a palce to enjoy outdoors.
As for Europe, there is no rain concept of rain season. Europe is huge, so you can get snow and cold in the scandinavian country, and enjoy a coffee on a terrace in the South of Portugal, Italy, greece, etc.

We travelled a lot with our first one, even while expecting the second one, generally not more than a few hours for the flight. As for the destination, it all depends what you are looking for.
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Well first make sure you can travel by air, then make sure you have insurance that will cover you for emergencies connected to pregnancy and repatriation if needed.

Then think about what you want to do with the 2.5 year old, because really that is what is going to dictate what you do, and where you go.

Iceland in March would be long dark days and you buying tours with groups, not ideal for a toddler at all.

I agree with above, think of southern Europe, a warmer winter break, though I am assuming you are UK based. If not your location would help.
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I am actually in the USA.
I was looking at Italy as well and it says March is about 35+F in Northern and 45+ Fin central .
Hawaii was also on my list, although I heard it is pretty expensive . Not sure
I just want to site see and eat, won稚 be able to do any excursions due to my pregnancy. As for my toddler she値l be fine with jst running around for a bit.
My husband and I did Greece so Thts out of the picture. I wish I could do Bali but a 30hr plane ride with stops is a big NO.
Im pretty much open to wherever as long as the plane ride doesn稚 exceed 12hrs. We did Palestine/Israel in September and my toddler slept for 8 hrs straight both ways so she痴 pretty good with the plane ride.
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I know kids may be used to fly (our are), but how long ago was your child sleeping 8 hours straight. At 2.5 years old it might be differene (on our last transatlantic flight back to Europe, my 2.5 yers old was just bragging with a massive smile and laughter that she wasn't sleepy... was still a good flight as we played with her and she was adorable, but being pregnant you might not be as awake ;-)
Anyway if you are ready for the long flight, south of Europe seems the best (imagine lisbon, faro, sevilla, grenada, sicily, ...)
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We had gone in September so tht was 5 months ago. We took an overnight flight so she was already exhausted from the days activities. Have you been to any of those locations in March?
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I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Portugal with a toddler. Went there with a 10 month old a few years ago in mid March (Lisbon, Algarve) for two weeks and it was great. The weather wasn't summerlike but it was nice enough to be outdoors with just a light jacket most of the time (temps in the mid-high 60s). Much less busy than the summer months too. The people are amazing with kids and families. You won't regret it.
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I'm based in Florida, and we're taking our 2.5 year old (and 8 year old) to the UK in March. We don't mind the cold and aren't scared of a bit of damp, as we have done this trip before when both kids were younger. We are doing a farmstay for the first half of our trip (piglets and lambs, what could be better?), and then London for the second half. Renting a car and doing some exploring around the Cotswolds.

If you're hoping for warmth and want to go to Europe, Portugal or the South of France might be good options? Or if you want to stay closer, the Caribbean is lovely in the early Spring, there are so many family friendly resorts to choose from, and floating in the warm ocean was one of my favorite parts of vacationing pregnant.
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Originally Posted by Danyar17 View Post
Hawaii was also on my list, although I heard it is pretty expensive .
What is your budget? I would have recommended Hawaii for a relaxing trip. I went to Maui for my babymoon almost 13 years ago and thought it might have been a little too relaxing. BUT I enjoyed the local sights and food tremendously. If I had to do it again, I might have split it between Maui and Honolulu as Maui was a tad too sleepy for me after a few days and I was a bit restless towards the end of the trip.
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