Check stroller/car seat at curb or gate

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Check stroller/car seat at curb or gate

Hey folks,

We're taking our 9th month old on his first flight. (2 hrs) My wife initially wanted to check our car seat/stroller combo at the curb and wear him through the airport but I have some concerns they may be damaged. Does anyone have experience checking at the curb vs the gate?

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I always checked at the gate. I had a padded bag for the car seat (on Amazon for $35: J.L. Childress Ultimate Backpack Padded Car Seat Travel Bag) that was worn as a backpack and I loved having the stroller for control and ease of movement. More comfortable for us both too. I'm a single mom and have flown more times than I can count, incl internationally, alone with my now 5yo.
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We traveled with a stroller for our daughter for just over ten years and learned pretty quickly that checking it at the gate was definitely best.

First, if you have a car seat, will you be using it for the flight?

Second, you’re concerns are valid; once your stroller disappears out of sight you have no idea how it’s being treated and while some never get damaged, plenty do. Keeping it with you minimizes the risk of it being damaged.

Third, our advice would be try using it when at the airport. We found taking our daughter’s stroller and car seat with us through the airport was actually far easier than checking it at the curb/desk and then carrying her car seat. The best way we found was to use her stroller as soon as we arrived at the airport right up until boarding (the only times she wasn’t in it were going through security and at boarding). One of us pushed her while the other carried her car seat and we’d just swap over whenever it was needed. We knew she was safe and whenever we were waiting at the gate we only occupied two seats rather than three as she sat in her stroller.

Some kids will obviously not want to sit in their stroller, so be prepared for it taking a few trips before you know works best for your situation. After the first few times, we found that with a favorite toy, and a good book when she was older, she was perfectly happy in the stroller (even though it could be a few hours at a time). Lastly, just be sure they’re always properly buckled in the stroller; we’ve seen a few kids jump out and strollers tip over having been overloaded with bags and jackets, etc. which could have been easily avoided.

Lastly, we agree with Redhead about getting a bag for your stroller – it helps protect it better and keeps thing together as well.
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If it gets damaged it gets damaged - there is not data suggesting that one is better than other... do whatever is most practical - if you use stroller at airport take it if not - check right away
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yes if you don't pack you products/things properly they are damage and you also put the baby things which baby use in daily use like bath soap, shampoo, diapers e.t.c because if you apply any new product on your baby skin maybe it's harmful for him because babies skin are sensitive so don't forget when you go for travelling take all products which your baby use.
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Originally Posted by azepine00 View Post
If it gets damaged it gets damaged - there is not data suggesting that one is better than other... do whatever is most practical - if you use stroller at airport take it if not - check right away
From what my extended family has experienced (no less so when traveling with multiple strollers of the same sort): gate-checking is generally at least somewhat better than checking in curb-side or with the landside check-in counters, at least when it comes to the extent of damage of like strollers packed/unpacked in the same way when dropped off for being placed in the hold.

Personally, my suggestion with strollers is to gate check them as much as possible, unless planning to box the stroller in for check-in.
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