Child carriers - thoughts? reviews?

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Child carriers - thoughts? reviews?

Hi all - heading to DEN in August with my then 26 month old - so she is just under 30 lbs. We want to do some hiking - stopped by REI this past weekend and looked at this series:

Pretty pricey - but duaghter enjoyed it for a few mins in the store... been looking around and really only a few will hold up to ~48-50lbs, which leaves room for growth (and more usage).

Wondering if people have lugged these on planes, hiking, etc... real world FT reviews? Not really for babies/infants, more toddler experiences - will toddlers actually stay in them for more than a few minutes ( I know, I know.. each child is different, but just looking for experiences).

If you have another type/brand, would love to hear about it...
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I have the Poco Plus and absolutely love it. Yes, Osprey products are rather pricey but they hold up extremely well and have a lifetime warranty. I've used ours with all three of our kids and bring it nearly everywhere we go on vacation, particularly when visiting countries where strollers aren't practical due to the ground terrain or cobblestone sidewalks.

We've brought it with our kids in urban settings like San Diego/San Francisco/Boston, where the crowds make a stroller difficult, we've brought them hiking in British Columbia, Grand Canyon, Yosemite, and Tahoe so that we could go farther than their little legs would have been able to carry them, and it was a lifesaver in Mexico City where there's no way a stroller could have navigated the sidewalks they had there in many of the historic locations. We just got back from using it this past weekend in the Redwoods and had a wonderful time.

Unlike some other soft carriers that we've used, we've never had issues with our kids comfort, even when sitting in it for 2+ hours at a time. Its not uncommon at all for them to fall asleep, especially with the face pad that they can lean against like a little pillow. The only time we didn't bring it was during a month-long trip to New Zealand, where I already had so many other bags that I knew I couldn't navigate the airports with one more thing. There were so many times on that trip when I wished I had it. We usually check it when flying and I'll usually wrap some towels around the lower part of the frame, just to keep it from getting bent, but its held up remarkably well.

In my experience, once they get over three years old they start to get a little too heavy, but I have no doubt that the pack can support them, even if I can't. If you can carry them, then you'll be fine. As a matter of fact, during our trip to the Redwoods our usually rambunctious 3 year old had no problem sitting in it for an hour at a time and would ask to ride in it whenever she got tired. It actually has little foot straps so even if their legs are longer they can rest their legs.

If you're looking for a more affordable option, I believe Kelty makes a similar pack as well, but I've never used it and can't speak to it. I can say that I've loved our Osprey though.
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Awesome - thanks - debating the AG or the AG Plus - looks like the difference is in storage capacity.
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We had similar thing from Deuter. My girls just loved it.
my advice is spend extra money for real good one. I saw how kids sleep in cheep one and in ours. Such a diference. Also safety features are better with more expensive ones.
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Originally Posted by Biokozy View Post
We had similar thing from Deuter. My girls just loved it.
Also have a Deuter for my son (I think the Kid Comfort 2: Works great and he loves riding in there for hikes and walks in the city. We also have the sun/rain shade for it, which makes it more versatile on sunny and/or rainy days. It also has a spot for a hydration system, which is useful when hiking, and while we haven't yet taught our son how to drink from there, I have seen toddlers drink from them while riding along in the backpack with no assistance from a parent). Recently took it overseas and checked it as a piece of luggage.
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We took a Kelly Kids TC 3.0 with our first child born in 2010 to Thailand (11 months), Russia (16 months) and South Africa (22 months). Worked great, no issues with carrying on the planes, getting around in taxis, etc. My son always enjoyed being in it. Main concern was me remembering he was there -- i.e. not bopping him into things when I turned or hitting his head on low clearances.

We now have a 12 month old and are just opting for a Baby Bjorn One Air mesh for an upcoming Japan trip. But plan to break out the Kelty for the Utah national parks next year (will be 21 months).

The TC 3.0 is definitely a step down from the others mentioned in this thread because it does not have the heavy bar - more of a carrier/daypack combo - but I remember looking at heavier packs at the time and wanted one with a little lighter footprint so I could carry it on planes. Was very happy with the decision. Was looking at the Kelty site and not sure if they still make the TC but the Transit 3.0 looks close and looks like it has a small bar, so perhaps a little more reinforced like the Osprey ones.

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awesome - keep em coming - i looked at the Kelty Transit (like the brand/company from other products), but saw the max weight on the Transit is 30lbs, while the Deuter and Ospreys go up closer to 50.

But, like dbuckho, I'm worried about "footprint" - we have the Ergo - which in theory can hold her, and she's fine in it for little spurts here and there-- just on a sweaty hike... figured that might not be nice to either of us
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