Delta CRJ with an Infant

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Delta CRJ with an Infant

Traveling with a 5 month old on a DL CRJ. He'll have his own seat & rear facing carseat.

Trying to decide if the first row of EC (seats 5AB) are good, or if we should move to 6AB.

Any help appreciated.
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Depends on the width of the car seat. Row 5 will likely have immovable armrests making it impossible to install a wider car seat. But Row 5 should have great legroom.

Row 6 should have movable armrests so if the car seat is a bit too wide, you can raise the armrest to install.

When we flew with our rear facing infant in a bulkhead row with immovable armrests our Chicco Keyfit and Cosco Scenera fit, but barely. Anything wider wouldn't have worked. Flight attendants *should* reaccomodate you in a different row if for some reason you can't get your car seat to fit width-wise in row 5.
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Keep also in mind that for some seats (Cosco Scenera, e.g.), you want some extra space along the belt path to pull the straps tight. I just installed one in a CRJ 200 row 1 with immovable arm rest, and definitely prefer being able to move the arm for cinching the belts.
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I echo comments that you'll want the movable armrests to make it easier to strap in the carseat securely. The main benefit of the bulkhead isn't for you--it benefits the person in front of your child, whose recline will be severely restricted/eliminated on a CRJ if you install a reverse-facing carseat. That said, IMHO that's not your concern, as you are simply using the space the airline sold you in a fully FAA-approved manner.
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Good points. Another way to keep from inconveniencing the passenger in front of a rear-facing car seat is to put one parent in that spot (if two parents are accompanying the child).

If this isn't an option, we would offer the passenger in front of our child a Starbucks gift card for the inconvenience. Most passengers graciously declined but appreciated us thinking about their comfort.
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