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beans4me Mar 26, 17 9:35 pm

will my car seat fit in the bulkhead seat?
i'm flying to Italy with my daughter in 3wks. I've flown with her a handful of times domestically but never international. I booked my flight and was assigned bulkhead seating since no groups of seats were available. When I asked delta to the seat width of the bulkhead seats the agent on the phone was rather clueless. My daughter uses a chicco nextfit which is a little bit wide. When we typically fly her seat goes on the window seat and then we have to lift up the inside armrest for the carseat to go in.

we'll be flying on a 777 on Delta. Wondering if anyone can help me. I'd rather know going in versus trying to ask someone to trade with me if my seat doesn't fit.

Any help would be appreciated.

fredandgingermad Mar 27, 17 4:57 am

Bulkhead seats have unmoveable armrests so if your car seat requires that bit more space then the bulkhead won't work

rjque Mar 28, 17 11:18 am

Some airlines do not allow any child restraining devices in the bulkhead, and some have airbags in the seatbelts that prevent car seats from being used there. Be sure to check with Delta before you decide to use these seats.

quoo Mar 29, 17 1:23 pm

I'm not familiar with the chicco nextfit. My radian will fit although it can be tricky to install rear facing (i think we are likely going to forward face it on the plane). Delta does not have airbags in belts here, so you're good in that respect.

How old is your daughter? Do you have any other carseats?

Delta does publish a helpful seatfit guide (there are at least two versions of the 777 so make sure you have the right one) - here's an example:

I would assume the narrowest measurement is the bulkhead seat width.

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