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Ericka Dec 11, 15 9:51 am

Trips with our son
Hi everyone,

I have been a regular poster on the luxury hotel forum for longer than I can remember. My husband and I adopted a little boy two years ago and have been determined to continue traveling. It was suggested that we start a thread here to share our +child trip reports. My plan is to add new trip reports as we write them. In the meantime, here are a few trips that have happened since we brought our son home. Warning: these are for the most part luxury trips so if that's not your thing, no worries.

As of this writing, our son is four. :cool:

The Philippines


See page 4

Peninsula New York


Costa Rica

St. Regis New York


Riviera Maya, Mexico

Birthday in Chicago


African Safari!


Adirondack Mountains (New York)

Feel free to PM with any questions. We love to travel with our little guy!

elisagrace Dec 19, 15 4:42 am

My son is of 4 and he just loves water, whether it is a holiday, fall or summer season. He has a special love for Amusement Parks. As the new year is arriving, he’ll turn 5 now, and we planned to take him to Louisville, theme parks. We are planning to go at the two theme parks: Atlantis water park, Indiana -, and Renaissance fun park, Louisville- I just cross my fingers that our trip brought us a lifelong memory!

6rugrats Dec 19, 15 9:22 am

I didn't read your reports, as it would be unseemly for me to be envious of a four year old.

mlv416 Mar 31, 16 7:57 pm

These are great reports! Thanks!

Ericka May 18, 16 5:57 pm

Just added Greece to the list above!

heraclitus May 19, 16 2:47 pm

Love it! Nice reports, Ericka.

Ericka Jul 9, 16 3:39 am

Just added a few NYC trip reports. Little boys love trains!

c_9 Jul 12, 16 7:40 am

Great idea, thanks for sharing OP - my husband and I are mid-adoption right now (age two) and are big travel bugs so looking forward to learning from you!

Ericka May 2, 17 2:55 pm

Just added the Rosewood Mayakoba in Mexico. :-)

azepine00 May 2, 17 5:54 pm

Initially, we were going to drive the 4.5 hours between the two resorts, but we thought our little guy would enjoy the Four Seasons (Prestige Wings) helicopter transfer instead

an excellent tip for any parent... ;)

Kagehitokiri Jul 15, 17 9:06 am

Originally Posted by azepine00 (Post 28259052)
an excellent tip for any parent... ;)

Originally Posted by Ericka (Post 25831364)
He absolutely loved the first 10 minutes, but the windy conditions got the better of him and it was a good thing our pilot had an air sickness bag on board. :( The helicopter transfer also turned out to be more trouble than it was worth as we spent far more than four hours trying to find, and get to, a safe departure point. More on that later.

Eclipsepearl Jul 22, 17 9:36 am

How wonderful!

Take advantage while you still have only one and before he starts school.

Maybe you're homeschooling partly to keep going??

How fun. Didn't read all but nice places you're staying.

Keep up the good work!

Ericka Oct 4, 17 8:54 am

Just added The Peninsula Chicago. A birthday party for our little guy!

Ericka Sep 1, 18 1:40 pm

Our son is 6 now. Just returned from Africa! See the list of reports in the first post.

Ericka Sep 19, 19 10:14 am

I’m having a hard time getting these added to the original list. Anyway, here’s Hawaii! Our little travel buddy is 7 now.

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