Checking in a stroller as luggage

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Checking in a stroller as luggage

Has anyone checked in their stroller as a piece of luggage and the airplane ended up damaging it?
Our stroller is over the limit for gate check so we need to check it in as a piece of luggage. This is fine with us but I'm worried they might damage it. We bought it not too long ago so it's still fairly new and I'd hate to see it get messed up. We still kept the original box it same with so we can package it with that box. But there is not much extra space for cushion, so basically just stroller in a cardboard box. Or should I invest in a padded stroller bag?

Thanks for any advice!
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Yes, and all that happened was that the foam on the handles got a little ripped. Bagged strollers from then on out.

Any chance of borrowing one at your destination? That's what usually worked for us. My child-free family would ask friends, at work, etc. and someone usually had one in their garage.

If not, be careful that you're still within the limits for carry-on bags, if you box your stroller. You might want to email your airline and ask. Email, don't call so that you can print up the response and show if needed. They can say anything over the phone.

Are you flying AA? I know they have a 20lb limit on gate-checked strollers but I'm not aware of any other airlines who impose this.

Yet-another option would be to buy a cheaper stroller for the trip, but only if you can use an extra stroller. Plus, if it's damaged on the way out, that means you wouldn't be able to use it for your trip. So it's not an ideal solution.
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When my daughter was small her stroller was damaged somewhere in transit between HKG and LHR, both the airline and the airport were very helpful, I got given a basic stroller for use and I got 85% cost towards a new stroller (we had a maclaren quest)
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Get a smaller stroller and gate check
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Originally Posted by azepine00 View Post
Get a smaller stroller and gate check
I've had strollers and carseats damaged when being checked. Don't bring it if you can't afford it to be destroyed or lost. Now we bring the cheapest stroller that we can tolerate, and go figure, its lasted well over 30 trips with no damage at all.
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If this is a US domestic flight, bear in mind that most US carriers disclaim liability for strollers. In other words, if it's damaged, they won't pay to replace/fix. Most insurance coverage excludes anything excluded by the air carrier.

Buy a cheap umbrella stroller. Gate check. If it gets trashed, just move on.
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