Motion Failed: Flyertalk Ambassador Proposal

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Motion Failed: Flyertalk Ambassador Proposal

On 6 June 2008, the TalkBoard failed to pass 2-7:

Moved by Punki and seconded by lucky9876coins:

"Proposal to establish Flyer Talk Ambassadors

Description of the program:

The Flyer Talk Ambassador program is an effort to develop knowledgeable and friendly FlyerTalk members who will volunteer to serve as Ambassadors for specific forums. They will bear the title "X Forum Ambassador" under their handle and agree to do their best to make sure that all members, especially new FlyerTalkers, understand the ins and outs of that forum as well as the overall FlyerTalk culture. They will work to make posters feel welcome to participate in FlyerTalk.

The title Ambassador is bestowed upon FlyerTalkers by the TalkBoard in recognition of the efforts made by a FlyerTalker to make FlyerTalk a better and more welcoming place as well as their ongoing commitment to continue to do so.

Program Goals:

The primary goals of this program are to encourage more sign-ups to become active members of the FlyerTalk Community, improve member retention, and provide more currently active members an opportunity to volunteer to contribute to the day-to-day operation of FlyerTalk.

Ambassador Responsibilities:

Make people feel comfortable and really good about participating on FlyerTalk.

Be a positive and welcoming influence for FlyerTalk.

Be available to answer specific questions in and about a forum in a positive and welcoming manner.

New and existing posters may be educated and encouraged to seek out forum Ambassadors for assistance and guidance on how to make the most of the FlyerTalk experience so Ambassadors must be open to helping with this responsibility on an ongoing basis.

Ambassador Qualifications:

Any active FlyerTalk member can volunteer to serve as an Ambassador.

Persons with a gregarious, friendly nature and a good understanding of a specific forum or program are especially encouraged to volunteer.

Volunteers must express a willingness to receive questions from members via FT e-mail or PM and commit to answering the same question in a positive, friendly manner, even after the 100th time the same question has been asked.

To earn the Ambassador title, a poster should be a positive influence on a forum’s community by regularly welcoming new members, keeping discussion positive and, by their example, encouraging other posters to do the same.

Ambassador Identification:

Any FlyerTalk member can nominate themselves to be a forum Ambassador. All FlyerTalkers are encouraged to recommend that people who they have noticed do a great job of welcoming and helping others in the forums they frequent and providing a positive influence for that forum nominate themselves to become an Ambassador for that forum.

Nominations can be made via PM to any TalkBoard member. The PM should include the forum for which one hopes to serve as an Ambassador, a statement of commitment to adhere to the Ambassador Guidelines as well as links to several threads where a poster’s Ambassador Qualifications are evident.

Nominated Ambassadors will be reviewed by the TalkBoard, which may consult with nominees as well as forum moderators in determining whether an individual meets the Ambassador Qualifications.

Since one of the goals of the program is to provide more opportunities for involvement, FlyerTalkers will be limited to serving as Ambassador for one forum only.

Since TalkBoard members and Moderators are expected to act as Ambassadors for all of FlyerTalk and also since one of the goals of the program is to provide more opportunities for involvement, TalkBoard members and Moderators will not be made Ambassadors.

Once a nominee has been identified and vetted, the TalkBoard will hold a secret, vote as to whether the title Ambassador is granted to a nominated FlyerTalker or not. If 2/3 of TalkBoard members vote to bestow the title then that FlyerTalker is created ‘X Forum Ambassador.’

Ambassador Guidelines:

The title Ambassador is bestowed by the TalkBoard upon FlyerTalkers who, by their attitude and posts, have demonstrated a commitment to making FlyerTalk a positive and welcoming place. Ambassadors are expected to continue to demonstrate that commitment and continue to meet all of the qualifications criteria set forth for Ambassadors while they hold that title.

An Ambassador may resign their title at any time.

Ambassador is a revocable title that the TalkBoard may, by 2/3 vote, revoke from a FlyerTalker for conduct unbecoming an Ambassador."

be approved as written.

Voting yes: kokonutz, Punki

Voting no: bhatnasx, Cholula, gleff, Jenbel, lucky9876coins, Spiff, techgirl
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