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Motion Failed: Emergencies Forum

On 14 August 2007, the TalkBoard failed to pass, 3-6:

Moved by Dovster and seconded by Cholula
to recommend the establishment of an "Emergencies Forum" to discuss major news events (wars, terrorist attacks, natural disasters, health emergencies, accidents) in which members of the FlyerTalker community are impacted.

It would have the following restrictions:

1. A thread can be started on this forum only by someone who is directly impacted by events that have the possibility of growing into an international news story. Additionally, if a moderator of the forum, HOM, or a senior moderator, believes that it is probable that FTers will be impacted, he can move a thread into this forum. Conversely, if the forum moderators feel that it does not meet these qualifications, or if it later develops that no FTers were impacted, the thread can be moved elsewhere.

2. Political discussions will not be allowed on the thread but HOM can give some leeway on this to members who are directly impacted. All other political comments on the event will be restricted to Omni.

3. Others contributing to the thread may express support for the FT members in the area, ask questions, announce breaking changes, provide input that they have gotten from friends or relatives on the scene, but should not give lengthy reports from the media.

4. If a thread is started in the Emergencies Forum, and its moderators agree that it belongs there, an announcement about it should be placed on top of each FT page.

5. As such threads carry a large potential for abuse, TalkBoard recommends to HOM that it appoint a sufficient number of moderators, spread across enough time zones, to moderate it continuously.

Voting yes: Cholula, Dovster, ozstamps

Voting no: bhatnasx, gleff, Jenbel, ScottC, Spiff, techgirl
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