Vote: Restructure Mileage Run Forum

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Vote: Restructure Mileage Run Forum

On 1 March 2007, the TalkBoard unanimously approved the following:

Moved by bhatnasx and seconded by Cholula:

Over the years, the Mileage Run forum’s scope has expanded. Originally, it was a place to post fares – little discussion regarding mileage runs took place. As FlyerTalk has expanded over the years, the amount of general mileage run discussion has increased. Due to this increase and overall expansion of scope of the Mileage Run forum, many members have felt that the forum has become cluttered and lost its original focus. In response to this impression of the forum, a new subforum will be created within the Mileage Run forum. The Mileage Run forum will be restructured as follows:

Mileage Run Deals (Top-Level Forum)
The place to post airfare deals conducive to mileage running, including possible pricing errors and unusually low fares. Note: Weekly or other regularly posted fare sales are generally not considered unusually good deals.

Hotel Deals (Sub-Forum of Mileage Run)
The place to post hotel deals conducive to mattress running, including possible pricing errors, unusually low rates, and best price guarantees. Note: Regularly posted deals from the chains are generally not considered unusually good deals.

Mileage Run Discussion (Sub-Forum of Mileage Run)
Discussion of methods to maximize miles and/or points either through trips dedicated to no other reason than the miles/points, or through creative alteration of trips to extend their earning capacity in often unique ways.
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