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Spiff Jan 6, 07 9:11 am

Motion Passed: New Sticky for TalkBoard Issues Forum
On 3 Jan 2007, the TalkBoard passed the following motion 8-0-1:

Moved by ozstamps and seconded by Cholula
to approve this as wording for a "sticky" in the public TalkBoard Forum, to replace/update what is there now, with heading to read:

General Guidelines for New Forum and other Suggestions

General Guidelines for New Forum and other Suggestions:

Your TalkBoard wants information to be accessible to as large a number of Flyertalk members as possible.

If you are suggesting a new forum or other suggestions for TalkBoard consideration, it would be very helpful if you can demonstrate - with some supporting evidence - as to why you think there is a need for that new forum or your other suggestion.

This can be shown by any or all of the following:

- existing threads which would be best suited in your proposed forum.

- demonstrating a need which is not being met for a group of Flyertalk members by the existing forums.

- other relevant arguments showing why Flyertalk would be improved by the addition of this forum or suggestion.

Although individual TalkBoard members each have their own ideas re what will or will not constitute a successful new forum or suggestion, presenting evidence of the nature above will almost certainly increase your chances of getting support and possible agreement.

The TalkBoard generally votes on suggestions that have proven support, and a 66.6% majority vote of TalkBoard members is needed for any motion to succeed.

Thanks for your interest,

The TalkBoard


Welcome to the TalkBoard forum!

For an overview of what the TalkBoard is, and how it effects your user experience here on Flyertalk, please use this link.

You may also contact any member of the TalkBoard individually by clicking on their name below:










Voting yes: bhatnasx, Cholula, Dovster, Jenbel, ozstamps, ScottC, Spiff, techgirl

Did not vote: gleff

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