Motion passed: Name Changes

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Motion passed: Name Changes

Moved by gleff and seconded by ScottC

To add the following wording to the Flyertalk TOS:

"Can I change my Flyer Talk handle?

The short answer is NO. In general the handle you registered with is the one you are known by during your time in this Community. However, if for instance you started 2 years back as FargoFlyer and are now based in Tampa, we will allow you as a ONE TIME courtesy to re-register your handle. Once you have registered under that new name, you must email a FT admin to cancel the duplicate handle. Failure to do so is a violation of the Flyertalk Terms of Service as each member may only have one handle. Be warned your post count then re-starts at zero, and your "join date" will reflect the date of the new handle. And this is a strictly ONE TIME offer to members, so please think carefully before asking!"

(Note - If this motion is passed the TalkBoard recommends that a "grace" period of one month from vote closing be in place where existing members be permitted to apply for a name change. If the change is approved by Admin the existing post count and join date will not be affected. The new handle will show the previous handle immediately under the new name approved. Members availing themselves of this one month's grace period exception will have used their "ONE TIME" option by this action.)
Voting yes: attorney28, Cholula, doc, gleff, missydarlin, ozstamps, ScottC, Spiff
Voting no: wharvey
Abstentions: none

Motion passed 8-1.

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One additional note for the record: attorney28 reported the final vote on this issue above. It was the second vote.

The original motion -- moved by ozstamps and seconded by missydarlin -- failed.

5 voted in favor: doc, missydarlin, ozstamps, ScottC, Spiff

3 were opposed: Cholula, gleff, wharvey

1 did not vote: attorney28

While a majority of TB members supported the motion, it did not garner the required 2/3rds support for a motion to pass.
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