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Purpose of this new sub-forum

For several years, official TalkBoard voting decisions have been publicized in TownHall, with Spiff having done an admirable job of keeping TownHall up-to-date for the last two or three years or so .

However, there have been some technical glitches with TownHall (it sometimes kept reversing to older versions of uploaded content, even though a newer version had been uploaded, so that some content sometimes did not appear current).

Also, it appears that many posters did not even know TownHall existed, and therefore did not know of TalkBoard's votes and who voted which way, or who might not have voted at all, etc. Personally, I had had this impression for a while that most posters did not know about TownHall (just as a function of where it was linked from and that many members go straight to the discussion forum), and it also became apparent during the last election process when some posters and even candidates mentioned that they had never heard of TownHall.

Therefore, in order to make TalkBoard's work more visible to the members of the community and to allow those who are interested in what the TalkBoard does to find all information about TalkBoard issues in a more convenient way in one place, this sub-forum was created.

The idea is that more people will see it, because those who are interested in what TalkBoard does seem to come to the TalkBoard topics forum, but not to TownHall. The plan is to move the existing content over from TownHall to this sub-forum so that a record of all TalkBoard decisions, including the older ones, is kept in one place. (I have been wanting to do this for a while, but because I have been very busy in "real life", I have not gotten around to doing it yet, so that this sub-forum has been sitting here for a couple of weeks or so with zero posts - my apologies for that - will probably get uploading the content done over the holidays.) All new decisions by TalkBoard shall be publicized here. (There has been some discussion whether an "official discussion thread" from the internal TalkBoard forum should be attached to the thread announcing the decision, in order to further increase transparency of the thinking behind TalkBoard members' votes, but there does not seem to be a majority in favor of this suggestion among current TalkBoard members.)

This sub-forum is not open for public posting, since discussion already takes place in the main forum. The idea of this sub-forum is only to have a place where information about the official voting decisions of the TalkBoard is given - discussion will still take place in the main public TalkBoard topics forum, and members (and TalkBoard members who wish to comment publicly) are invited to comment on the decisions there.

As the newly elected TalkBoard VP/Spokesman, I have been tasked with the duty of keeping this sub-forum up-to-date, and should I be unavailable or unable to do so for an extended period of time, gleff as the TalkBoard President also has the ability to step in and post decisions.

Hopefully, this is another small step towards making TalkBoard's work more visible to the community .
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