Motion failed: Abstentions

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Motion failed: Abstentions Don't Count Against Passage of Motions

On 31 Dec 2010, the TalkBoard failed to pass 4-5:

Moved by jackal and seconded by Markie:

The TalkBoard recommends that the TalkBoard Guidelines be amended as follows:

Section 4, paragraph C, sub-paragraph ii be replaced with the following text:

TalkBoard members may participate in a vote by registering their vote of yes or no while the voting period is open. They may also decline to participate in a vote by marking that they abstain, in which case they shall not be counted as participating members. Such abstention shall not count as non-participation for the purpose of enforcing Section 3(F)(vii)(b) of the TalkBoard guidelines.

Section 4, paragraph C, sub-paragraph vii be replaced with the following text:

A motion shall pass if two-thirds of TalkBoard members participating in that vote, but no fewer than a majority of the TalkBoard members in office at the close of the voting period, vote ‘yes.’

Voting Yes: Cholula, jackal, Markie, SkiAdcock

Voting No: B747-437B, bhatnasx, gleff, lucky9876coins, Spiff

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