In RDU "Full" is half

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In RDU "Full" is half

I rented from Thrifty at RDU - slow service and when I finally got the car I checked for dents and there was no one to check out so I drove off. The rental slip said gas tank was "F" and the contract said I was to bring it back full. To my surprise the gauge showed a half tank and I went immediately to a gas station and it needed $30 at $3.70/gal to fill. I called Thrifty and was told that they would credit me the cost on the return and my file was noted. When I did the return, I was told that "F" doesn't mean full, and I could have returned it without filling it. I actually used only $16 of gas. As I was returning it, the fellow next to me said the same thing happened to him. The agent said they don't refund the difference, even though it was noted on my file "and even the manager can't do anything." he told me I could return with any amount and they would have marked it Full. Strange practice. This made me suspicious - is someone filling the tanks and siphoning it off or are they not bothering to look? who knows? Anyway, I called Thrifty customer service when I got home and they sent me a check for the amount and a bit more. Excellent service from the main office - not so good at the local office but it was a nice car.
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