Apparently SJU is not part of the US

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Apparently SJU is not part of the US

After renting for 4 days out of SJU back on June 7th, I logged in to check my Blue Chip reward balance when I noticed that instead of getting BC credits, I got credited UA airmiles. After spending over an hour on phone calls and emails, I've been told there's NOTHING that can be done and I'll have to accept the airmiles. Period.

Apparently, even though I was credited for an SJU rental 18 months ago, BC credits are only rewarded for the US & Canada now. Puerto Rico is not part of the US. I'll add that NOTHING on my rental agreement mentioned this. I even went back a couple days ago to double check the website, and still nothing.

It was a great 8 years, I've dealt with your crappy website and its credit card issues, your off site locations, and your rude LAX associates. I've even defended you (admittedly half-assedly) in Thrifty bashing threads (which is nearly 99% of them). Unfortunately, this bait & switch tactic is the last straw, so it's off to bigger and better things. EABOD Thrifty!
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