Thrifty at LAX experiences?!

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Thrifty at LAX experiences?!

Anybody have any experience with Thrifty at LAX? I normally go with Enterprise or National, however their weekly rate was about $200 cheaper for a standard. I've read mixed reviews of them on yelp, so I'm slightly hesitant. Any input would be appreciated!
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I've used them both in LA and Denver.

I was not treated like a king, nor was I treated like a knave.

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Originally Posted by FlyingHigh20 View Post
Anybody have any experience with Thrifty at LAX?
I have rented from them at LAX, but my most recent experience at LAX was about 2 years ago. I did not experience any issues with my rentals.

I'll pass on my usual advice for Thrifty newbies: Register for their blue chip program *before* renting from them and expect their shuttle buses to be less frequent than the more expensive rental car companies.
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I rented from Thrifty LAX last month. No issues. Choice of parked cars in class booked - selection was average. Service was a bit slow; but, otherwise fine.
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Thinking of renting a "Ford Taurus or Similar" for a week in June. Anyone care to confirm how old/new the Tauruses are, if they are generally available and what other cars are available in the same class.
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Thrifty LAX

I just rented for a week May 15-22. Service was fast and friendly. There was no line up when I arrived at 2pm. Car selection was limited in all classes, but just ask if you dont see the car you want. There were no issues at all.
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I am renting there a few times a year. Wait for shuttle is sometimes relatively long - seems they run less frequent then the bigger companies. If you are not bluechip you can pick cars outside - usually there are some reasonably new cars there. For bluechip they preselect cars and line them up inside.
Service is usually reasonably quick, but they have at least one person which is using only one finger to type. Donīt strangle the person - it is tempting.
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I have rented from Thrifty at LAX a couple of times. I did not experience any issues with my rentals, only some waiting time before the shuttle arrived.
You should be ok with Thrifty! Have fun...
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Shuttle always takes forever. Service is horrible, but they are one of the cheaper companies at LAX. Don't take wild car here, they always stick you with the worst--they treat it like a punishment. Only ever had one new car here, and that was when I arrived at around 11am. Arriving after 5pm, always get the oldest and worst cars. Also, if there is a problem with the car, you pretty much have to come all the way back to LAX to exchange, as they don't have any local offices. Not so with Avis and Hertz. So unless you're getting a GREAT deal, skip Thrifty at LAX.
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So I just returned an Impala at LAX this past Monday. 6 days for $209, pretty good deal.

Shuttle service to and from was quick, must have been great timing on my part. Julio the shuttle driver helped us out with the car seat, stroller and 4 bags. Great guy and even used the Sepulveda shortcut to get past the Century Blvd lineup into departures on Monday mornings. Picking up at the Blue Chip counter was quick too.

BUT... upon the vehicle return, they'll want to see the gas receipt. Kenisha(?) saw the full tank, but because my receipt was in my bag in the lobby, she just charged me $9 without giving me the chance to go get it. I even over filled it so the line was above the F. She said talk to Kimberly at the desk to get my money refunded.

I talk to Kimberly, show her my receipt, and she tells me to call the 800 number because I filled up the night before. F* me for thinking ahead when LAX is a nightmare on Monday mornings right? I don't mean to pull a DYKWIA, but I've had over 60 rental days with them in the last year and I've been a Blue Chip member for almost 10 years, but I guess "rules are rules". No need for common sense around there.

Anyway, Sandra at the 800 number was great and she took care of it, but it was 20 minutes I'll never get back.
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Rent at LAX a few times a year. Shuttle can be a little slow, but nothing terrible. As Blue Chip, I proceed to that area and am out of there in minutes. Kim (?) at the BC desk is always very nice and with attentive. Great welcome always. Be watned though, if you select the 'Wild Car', you will typically get a Ford Crown Victoria. And they are beasts. Never an issue with gas, there is a station next to the drop off which is perfec tfor topping off.
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I've rented from Thrifty at LAX 2-3 times in the past year. Pretty good experience each time, shuttle came around reasonably quickly and staff were polite. Only concern was once on a return when their computer system was broken. They couldn't confirm the total charge or print a receipt but promised to email it to me. I had visions of hundreds of dollars of bogus charges appearing on my card, but nothing bad happened.
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I have rented coupled of tomes, overall pretty happy, 1st time had wait 15 mins, last time 2 mins luck of draw, rent Fusion for month in April, got lucky it only had 100 miles on it, drop off was fast
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Originally Posted by RatherBeOnATrain View Post
I'll pass on my usual advice for Thrifty newbies: Register for their blue chip program *before* renting from them and expect their shuttle buses to be less frequent than the more expensive rental car companies.
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I took a two-day rental from Thrifty this past weekend, because the rate was good, $51 for a compact, with 1500 miles from USPR earning back about half the rate. My experience was in line with others.

*There are fewer Thrifty buses than other companies like Enterprise and Hertz.
*I have Blue Chip, so I proceeded directly to the garage. I noticed a few spaces marked for Firefly rentals.

*I did not get a compact car brought into the garage so I got to choose outside. Section C selection was poor mid-afternoon on Saturday: a Yaris hatchback, a Sonic from Chevy (I believe), and a Ford Focus with 52000 miles. I took the Focus, which had so much use that the key's lock and unlock buttons were worn down. This made the third consecutive car from Hertz group - two Hertz and this one - with 48000+ miles.
*There were no working economy cars in the E section, just one marked with no key.

*As a helpful note, there's a direct passage from the 76 gas station at the corner of Aviation and Century onto the service road to Thrifty.
*At return, as others have mentioned, the attendant asked to see the gas receipt.

Renting from Thrifty is primarily for price. Unlike SAN, where Thrifty and Dollar are now combined into one abysmal location, LAX is decent and I'd rent here again.
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