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Bangkok Tailors [PRE-2013 ARCHIVE]

Bangkok Tailors [PRE-2013 ARCHIVE]

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Originally Posted by maskedavenger View Post
I think I asked this somewhere before......but does anyone know what happened to Raja (father of Bobby) from the Nana Nua (Suk. Soi 4) location in front of Nana Plaza?
I imagine you'll get an answer quicker, but I can let you know in a month. wj
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Visited bangkok twice and have gone to Dave & Pinky at Jhasper Fashion - was extremely satisfied both the times. They gave me & my partner superb fit and beneficial advice I thought was genuine. No rip offs. Superior work and quality. They have different ranges for suits so you can stay within your budget and still get a good quality! This tailor in bangkok is in Sukhumvit Road No.11
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Originally Posted by canred View Post
From my own and others' experiences at Raja's Fashions and from friends' comments about Rajawongse, there isn't much room for price negotiation. Also, these places serve expatriates with nationals going elsewhere. At best, you get a tie included or the price rounded. Ask for the price in both baht and USD to determine which way you prefer to pay. USD used to be the better alternative but on my visits during the past few years, baht has been the way to go.
I just bought three shirts from Raja's Fashions for a total of 3300 THB. They are slightly more expensive than I expected, but perhaps that's because I am buying relatively little. Thought I'd give the shirts a try and get more on a future trip if I like them.
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I use International Suit which is off of Soi 2 and Sukhumvit. In the Ploenchit center on the corner across from the Marriott. I went all over bangkok for a couple days and decided on them. Been back 3 times and the guys are actually Chinese. Mr. Tommy and Mr. Surat the son. I'm very happy with them. I'm sure most tailors are good but once you find one that works for you why change?

I don't care how many pictures the owners have with Steven Seagal I have found my tailor.)
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Raja is doing fine. I just went to see him two days ago. He's just getting up there in age (pushing 70) and is taking more and more time off. I think he's earned it given he's been in the business since 1955.
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Originally Posted by sonoftheheartland View Post
I use Ah Song in one of the sois off New Road very close to the Oriental Hotel. Been very satisfied all the way around.

We use to go to Mr. Song for the last 25 years. He speaks quite well english, french and (!) german. He is really fun, very polite and his shop is not at all a tourist trap.

Highly recommended!

The small shop is not easy to find as it is off New Road.
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I've had suits made a couple of times by Mr Tommy, above, and I'm due in Bangkok, events permitting, at the beginning of next month. I'm also in HK for a week on the same trip and I've had stuff made there in the past.

Which now offers the best blend of quality and price?
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Here's another vote for Nickermann's.. Went there in December. I'm very happy.

The stuff they made was of average quality - same I have gotten at other places in BKK and Singapore and Hong Kong, which is to say that it's not top-end italian. There is some crooked stitching, etc. They'll fix anything you can point out while you're there, but there isn't a ton of attention to detail. This has been my experience at every one of these shops I've used, and I'm happy with it given the price, speed, and custom fit.

This past time I went to Nickermann's they turned my order around in under 8 hours, meaning that I went from initially walking into the store to going home happy and complete in under 24 hours. Awesome.

The styles are good, they know how to properly do a fitting, the slacks & shirts I got fit very very well and I'm really happy.

I was pleased that the lady was up-front about the fact that the fabrics in the shop labeled that they are English are in fact made in China (this is true in all of these shops), and this attitude came through the entire interaction: no BS. We didn't have to haggle on price because she presented a fair price up front, she didn't try to sell me fabric I didn't want, etc. I like the straightforward approach so I will go back for that reason alone. But I also think they did an above-average job with fitting.

Thanks to the FT community for turning me on to this place.

Nickermann's: Does anyone have current contact information? All of the email addresses and phone numbers listed on their website don't work. I'd like to order some more shirts remotely if they do that.

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What is the average time to receive shirts/pants or suits ? Does it depend on the shop/tailor? How do U weed out the poor quality tailors vs. The good ones ? Will be in BKK for 3 days in Nov.

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I'm wondering if anyone has any experience and can comment on the quality of Rajawongse vs Hong Kong Tailers... I am very happy with Jantzen in Hong Kong and I'm wondering if I can expect similar quality from shirts/pants from Rajawongse in Bangkok??

Thanks in advance!!
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Good tailor

Over the years, I have been very pleased with the Hong Kong Tailors of Bangkok located on the first floor of the River City Shopping Center. I have purchased 2 tuxes (lost one), a white dinner jacket, 4 sports jackets, 2 suits and 2 formal shirts. I have been very satisfied with the quality and still use all but the lost tux. I had a problem with the lining with one sports jacket, but they fixed it on another trip. Their prices are not the cheapest, but much less than Hong Kong. I think the quality is as good. If you get pants and are an american, make sure they put the button on the left rear, not the right. They will correct it, if required.

I was planning to visit Bangkok next month, but have cancelled because of their problem. I will go another time.
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I really like banana republic fabric. The stylish poplin that has a bit stretch to them. Do the tailors there have that kind of fabric? I used to fit in a M, but after working out a bit too much Im a bit larger than a M but much smaller than a L.
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It has been 10+ years since I had some suits made in BKK. Thus I am long over due for some new threads. These comments will be helpful to give me a few options to pick from the next time I pass through.
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I just visited Rajawongse to get some suits made. Though business still seems to be slow in BKK he was not very helpful, constantly talking to other people or writing emails. Does he always seem this disinterested I am having some suites made and will see how they turn out. Any suggestions on where to go to get some European fabric suits like Cabal or Zegna in BKK?
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Originally Posted by flo0816 View Post
I just visited Rajawongse to get some suits made. Though business still seems to be slow in BKK he was not very helpful, constantly talking to other people or writing emails. Does he always seem this disinterested I am having some suites made and will see how they turn out. Any suggestions on where to go to get some European fabric suits like Cabal or Zegna in BKK?
Rajawongse is my regular tailor. Their M.O. seems to be that you select fabrics from the walls before you really chat with them about what you want. I'd say that they're worth another try, I've always been pleased with their work.
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