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Bangkoks Metro network - expansion plans & updates

Bangkoks Metro network - expansion plans & updates

Old Mar 9, 23, 6:34 am
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Originally Posted by BuildingMyBento
My recent visit to Bangkok reminded me of how irritating it was to use the rail transit, and in general how much more I like the buses.

1) Transit-wise, the Rabbit card is still only for the BTS. What a joke. However, I did notice that Rabbit could also be used at some shopping center food establishments.
The MRT Yellow & Pink Lines will use the Rabbit card
2) The advertising plastered all over the BTS carriages seems like it would be very unsafe in times of emergency. Plus, you could never tell how full the damn carriage is. And where's the mute button for the advertising inside of the BTS?

3) Where's the Spider card? I thought that was the key to unite BTS/MRT/Airport Rail.
MRTA & MOT couldn't get BEM & BTSC to coperate as the private operators mistakenly think they will lose revenue. The concession agreements don't complel the operators to introduce a single ticketing platform which is the fault of the MRTA and BMA. More, recently the BMA is musing giving the BTS network to the MRTA given construction & operational debts that have been transferred to the BMA.
4) Single-use tickets aren't valid for the next day, and they're only valid for specific stations. Ridiculous. In places where I'm familiar with the territory, I've tended to buy a ticket in advance (e.g. for a metro somewhere, when I'm lugging bags to an airport/train station) so as to not have to deal with peak traffic ... at the ticket counters/machines.

5) The major bus complaint is that at the newer bus stops, there are screens telling you when certain buses will be stopping there. However, those screens are only in Thai. Detractors might say, "then go learn Thai." I get that short-term visitors don't tend to use the bus (save for a few lines involving Sukhumvit/Khao San), but if you're going to have the name of the bus stop in English (and at random bus stops, a bilingual bus route guide), why not just have the screen quickly alter between Thai and English.

On the other foot, the good news is that those bus stops with screens tend to have wi-fi; just zip to this website and it's all good.]
That website is not that great.
Next time you are in BKK download the VIABus app. It has real time locations and routes of all BMTA buses. Just click on any bus stop and you can see where every bus curerently is that uses that stop . Clcik on each bus number listed to see the whole route. It will even give you an ETA based on curerent traffic conditions. It is very easy to use and you don't need to know any Thai.
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Originally Posted by Yappofloyd
Construction progress as at 28 Feb
ARL ext from Phaya Thai to DMK
For the Airport Link the CP consortium did finally take over operations in Sept last year after missing 3 payment deadlines. However, they have delayed starting works on the estension to DMK and the Eastern HSR line (AKA 3 Airport line) as the consortium is seeking to renegotiate the terms of the contract and concession in a post Covid context. When they originally signed the contract in Oct 2019 they stated that the line would be operational by 2024.

Assuming that construction does begin mid 2023 to Q3 2023, then this line will not be completed until late 2028 and more likely well into 2029.
No surprises there but appreciate the update (all of the updates)
Is it safe to assume that there's less pressure to complete the ARL extension from Phaya Thai to DMK now that the SRT Red Line from Bang Sue with DMK is operational? Or not related at all.
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I look forward to HSR to Korat. One day that and the new M6 motorway (Bang Pa-in to Korat and beyond) will both be open. Hopefully I will still be around when they finish.

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Originally Posted by LIH Prem
I look forward to HSR to Korat. One day that and the new M6 motorway (Bang Pa-in to Korat and beyond) will both be open. Hopefully I will still be around when they finish.

Let's hope it will be in our lifetimes
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