Upgrade to C / TG experience

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Upgrade to C / TG experience

I just flew back BKK-CDG on a saturday. As a BD*G, thought I'd get a nice seat or at last i'd be UG (you never know...). Sat nights, the flight seemed to be full (VERY crowded in the Y check-in section), so I thought it wouldn't hurt to ask.

When I kindly asked upon check-in in BKK whether I could get an UG , I was instantly told the C cabin was full. THen I asked if I could maybe "pay for it", and after a pause, was told again the C cabin was full. But once on board, a few mn before take off, i saw half-dozen passengers coming down from upper deck to get seats on the lower level. I didn't investigate any further, but it seemed to me those passengers were coming down for more space - ie., seats were empty. Do you think the C cabin was really full ? (all right, i also heard the C cabin was awful, but always better than Y on a 12 hour flight isn't it ? ).

Also, I'll be flying again on the same route in a few days, but on afternoon flights each way. What would you recommend to do if I want to get exit rows - shall I come really early, and if so, how many hours in advance in CDG and BKK ? Thanks for any advice. Are those afternoon flights usually full ?

Other than that, service was just OK, I hadn't flown on TG for ten years and I think it was not impressive at all. Most FA seem to be tired of working.

And in CDG, as I was travelling with a friend (same booking), I tried to check-in at *G counter with him, but was told by the handling agent that she had had clear instructions "not to let companion check-in at *G counter", and she asked my fellow traveller to go and check-in with coach passengers - although she'd let me in !!! (we eventually got him in with a smile and a short talk) .

Also, the attitude of the Air France supervisor was not really nice (too much attitude, if you ask me), nor was the attitude of the 2 TG rep. who were standing near the *G counter (not even a smile at passengers, not even hello, just standing). The only nice TG person I talked to was a guy on the phone at CDG , who put an efficient request in my booking stating I wanted an exit row seat if available.

Another point - I guess there are too many *G pax so the FA don't even bother welcoming you on board. Whenever I fly on CX, be it Y or C, and as a OW Emerald on BA, the CSD always comes to me and welcomes me and wishes me a nice flight bla bla bla. Nothing much really, but a nice recognition of the business I put in the alliance (I personnaly pay all my tickets).

Globally, a not-too-nice experience flying TG out of CDG. Well, there's always those cheap fares and at least the flights are direct ...

Am I the only one to be disappointed by that airline ?
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I flew HKG-BKK-CDG r/t on TG in Y a couple of months ago and encountered a similar scenario at CDG. Full flight (or at least in Y), crowded gate area and uncaring gate staff. I was traveling with a friend, and both of us are *G, but we didn't get upgraded.

You're right about TG's inferior C seats. However, I have to say their Y product is not bad. I actually prefer their Y seats, as they are relatively comfortable and seem to recline more than those of their competitors, even compared to UA's E+ seats.

TG also consistently offers better VLML/VGML (vegetarian) meals in Y. (Strangely, the only time I had a bad VLML meal on TG was in first class.)

Their service on long haul is OK: worse than SQ, on par with CX, and much better than UA.

The worse thing about their Y class is the paper towels in the Y lavatories! They are so thin and filmsy and disintegrate with a touch of moisture, making the simple act of hand washing a most unpleasant experience.
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Over the last couple of months I had some different experiences. Two times I upgraded my Q-ticket from BKK to Frankurt with FFM. On both occasions I got upgraded at the Check-in counter to Royal First Class.
The first time the C-cabin was full, but yesterday the C-cabin was like 75 % full (Friday 13), so there was no good reason for this upgrade. The only reason I could find was to make the F-cabin a little bit less spooky (only two more passengers).

I was pleasantly surprised by a funny detail. At the check-in I had been speaking Thai, of which I only have a limited command. Once aboard I was greeted by the Chief FA in Thai as apposed to the other non-Thai people who were adressed in English. When I enquired qbout this, he said he got the information about my Thai from the check-in counter.

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