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Always Flyin Sep 15, 03 7:33 pm

Why TG Drives Me Crazy...
TG seems to do a great job of shooting themselves in the foot on a regular basis. This is just the latest.

Until the end of October, TG has a buy one, get one free for international tickets purchased in first class or in business class (most international destinations).

So I call TG in the U.S. to book two tickets in business from Bangkok to Saigon. I am quoted the $400 some odd full fare per person. I ask for the two for one deal and am told it must be booked in Bangkok, which is directly contrary to what is on TG's web site ("For reservations contact your travel agent or THAI world-wide.").

Great job, TG.

hclee01 Sep 16, 03 5:05 am


You can try to email to this travel agent in BKK as I understand that they are selling the Buy One Get One Promo ticket:
[email protected]

I believe they should be able to mail the tickets to you (at extra cost) or hold for your collection if you are transitting in BKK.

Hope this helps.

spk Sep 16, 03 12:21 pm

Any travel agent can handle this for you. Also, the buy1get1 promo is NOT available for business class travel between LAX and BKK. No restrictions for first class.

Always Flyin Sep 24, 03 5:40 pm

I prefer not to deal with travel agents in Thailand. Almost without exception they charge a surcharge for using credit cards and obtaining a refund if you cancel an itinerary is an excercise in patience and frustration.

I just called Thai again and quote them what is on their web site in regards to the 2 for 1 promotion:

<font face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" size="2">Between March 1st and October 31st, THAI extends an invitation to experience the pleasure of premium class travel with an extraordinary offer.

Simply buy one THAI Royal First Class or Royal Executive Class ticket to the destination of your choice and receive a second ticket, for your spouse, companion or business colleague, completely free.

To make the offer even more rewarding, you'll earn full Royal Orchid Plus miles on both tickets. For complete details see below. For reservations contact your travel agent or THAI world-wide.</font>
The TG U.S. office apparently must not be part of "Thai world-wide" since they insist they can only book two for one tickets from LAX to BKK.

At this rate, I'll just fly Vietnam Air. Even they are not as screwed up as Thai Airways.

spk Sep 25, 03 3:16 am

If you book just BKK-SGN from US the ticket will be SOTO which may be the reason why TG office in LAX cannot do it. I think if you book LAX-BKK-SGN in one PNR then they can do it.

Always Flyin Sep 25, 03 4:52 pm

The LAX office was more than happy to sell me a regular C ticket. They just balked at the 2 for 1.

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