Tips for maximising experience ?

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Tips for maximising experience ?

This is my first time flying TG and I'm curious as to how I could maximize my experience flying MAA-BKK-NRT in Business class.
I would like to know which lounge is the best (that I'd be entitled to) and other things that would be useful to know about the products.
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A google search would get you the results within a minute or two.
basically, TG has two types of business class.
recliners on the 747 and a330 planes
flatbeds on the 777, a380 and a350 planes.
check which planes you are riding on.

as for lounges, check this link out (link).
there are 4 major brands of lounges.
Thai ROP business lounges, scattered all over the terminal, and mediocre at best. Your last resort if you just want to sit somewhere near your departure gate.
EVA Lounge in F concourse - good for the showers, fresh fruit plates, futuristic interior design, and great chinese cuisine.
Singapore Lounge at the junction of DEFG - good for a singapore sling and various cocktails, as well as the Laksa. No showers
Turkish air lounge near the Singapore lounge, along D concourse - new kid on the block. good for the food variety and a great self service liquor bar.
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To add to the thoughts above, I note that:

MAA-BKK (01:19-06:10) is scheduled to by 777-200 with a red-eye. Unfortunately the 777-200 has ‘angle-flat’ seats which many find unsuitable for an overnight flight as you tend to slide forward ‘downhill’ in the seat. My tip is to not fully recline the seat, but recline enough so you until it is like a lazy-boy recliner chair - this works well for a back-sleeper like me, but probably doesnt suit side sleepers as well. Some folks will want to skip food and just sleep, others will want to eat - so there will be light and noise in the cabin....

In transit BKK, youll have either a 1h20m connection onto and A380, or a 16hour connection onto an A330. THAI biz passengers are entitled to a free foot/shoulder massage in the spa.

The short connection wont allow time for a visit to the spa, and really just time for a lounge visit. You will need to move from arrival level up to departures, which has a security check. These are located at each end of of Concourse D. Despite THAI lounges being mediocre, I would head to the nearest lounge (TG or other) that has a shower, refresh, with the intention of at least enjoying the A380 biz service.

If a 16 hour connection, then you have plenty of time to kill. I would head into the city... but some logitics will your carryon and what youd prefer to do - a separate conversation. If you do head into the city, there is a chance (low) that you could be charged the THB700 departure fee. Assuming you hold your onwards BP, then this is very unlikely. The is a fast track arrival and departure process for TG biz passengers, and I suggest you search other threads for the details

The A380 has fully layflat seats, and the overall experience will be superior to the red-eye on the 777-200.

The A330 has angle flat seats like the 777-200. Note that 3 of the A330 have been upgraded to fully flat seats.

Finally, THAI does swap aircaft types on regional routes so nothing is certain. That said, the A380 to NRT is not likely to be changed.
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