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Danski Dec 23, 13 9:49 am

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Which do you recommend (and why) for a relatively short stay (3 nights) on the Riverwalk for a family trip with a 4 1/2 year old? Rates are identical. Is one nicer/more kid friendly/just better than the other? Any comments or suggestions are appreciated! A review of Tripadvisor didn't reveal a whole lot of difference, so I thought I would check with the FT community for opinions.


SeamusSA Dec 25, 13 8:21 pm

Hyatt winds this one
Hyatt, hands down. Newer, nicer, more comfortable rooms. Neither location is bad, Hyatt maybe slightly better. Overall, Hyatt is just a nicer property.

peersteve Dec 26, 13 6:53 pm

Oh yes.....agree on the Hyatt with a child....the big atrium should be a treat....and the bits of river that come into lobby......walking out the front door of Hyatt leads to a passageway direct to Alamo and easy access to the shopping mall.....enjoy!

mrredskin Jan 15, 14 2:04 pm

i haven't stayed at the hyatt but i assure you it's nicer than the Hilton. Most any hotel on the Riverwalk has to be nicer than the Hilton.

Communipaw Jan 25, 14 11:37 am

By all means stay at the Grand Hyatt in San Antonio:

EXPLAT Feb 15, 14 5:10 pm

Hyatt Riverwalk and Grand Hyatt are two different properties. The Grand Hyatt is right next to the Convention Center. The Hyatt Riverwalk is the one where the river runs inside and has the jazz club on the river level.

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